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London is a leading global city. It is the world's largest financial center alongside New York and is home to the headquarters of more than 100 of Europe's 500 largest companies. It has the most international visitors of any city in the world. London is one of the world's most significant worldwide cities. It applies extensive impact upon arts, commerce, education, entertainment, fashion, finance, healthcare, media, professional services, research and development, tourism, and transportation.

How to reach

London has 5 significant air terminals. Gatwick Airport, Heathrow Airport is the most active Airport, Stansted Airport is the place where modest trips among Europe and Mediterranean land and leave. City Airport is the nearest to central London. Luton Airport and London Southend air terminal are a portion of the major and occupied air terminals in London. Flights like Lufthansa, British Airways, Euro air, Ryanair, Jet aviation routes, Cathay are fundamental carriers to London.

National Express runs Hotel Hoppa buses between all terminals and Crowne Plaza Heathrow. The bus journey takes around 20 minutes and one-way ticket costs £4.50. Tickets can be purchased from the National Express ticket machines or from the bus. You can also purchase tickets online from the National Express London Heathrow Hotel Hoppa website.

About Longdom

Longdom organises leading international conferences and webinars and is instrumental in bringing together experts and beginners for cooperative and effective research-oriented discussions. The goal of Longdom conferences is to bring together scientists at every level from different disciplines to understand and discuss during programmed topic sessions and informal gatherings. Longdom conferences will showcase innovative, cutting-edge research on the fundamental roles in addressing the challenges and translational research from academia to industry. All these opportunities will support professional growth of younger scientists that will promote future collaborations and enhance participation and contribution to their exciting research work.