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Amsterdam is a city and port in the western Netherlands that is connected to the North Sea by the IJsselmeer. Amsterdam is well-known among the large number of tourists who come here each year for its historical landmarks, outstanding art collections, and the distinct colour and flavour of its ancient neighbourhoods that have been so carefully kept. Visitors to the city, however, also witness a crowded metropolis plagued by air pollution, heavy traffic, and a housing crisis. It is simple to refer to the more than 700-year-old city of Amsterdam as a "living museum of a bygone era" and to extol the beauty of its centuries-old canals, patrician homes, and culture of freedom and tolerance, but the modern city is still trying to find solutions to the urgent urban issues it faces.

Although The Hague serves as the country's administrative centre, Amsterdam is the official capital of the Netherlands. For instance, the royal family only rarely resides at the Royal Palace in Amsterdam, which is located on the Dam square. The massive architecture prevalent in other capitals is absent from the metropolis. There are no triumphal arches or magnificent statues, nor are there any huge squares appropriate for large parades. The cobblestoned, busy streets of Amsterdam's old town, where the majority of the population still resides, best capture the city's intimate nature. Gabled houses, beautiful brick facades encased in sandstone, richly painted cornices, towers and churches, and the melody of carillons and barrel organs are all reminders of the golden past, but the realities of living in the current city frequently contradict this idealised perception.

How to reach Amsterdam?

By Air

The busiest airport in the world, Schiphol International Airport, located 15 kilometres southwest of the main city. Regular flights connect it to many locations across the globe. KLM is the main airline of the Netherlands, however Air France, British Airways, Emirates, Lufthansa, Singapore Airlines, and US Airways all fly out of this airport. From the airport, you may simply take a public bus or a taxi to get to your accommodation.

By Bus

The most affordable and hassle-free method to go to Amsterdam is by public transportation. On this route, numerous international bus routes operate every day. Buses to Amsterdam routinely go via Brussels from major European cities including London and Paris.

By Train

Excellent train connections connect Amsterdam with the majority of other European cities. High-speed trains run from London, Brussels, Paris, Frankfurt, and Berlin to Amsterdam. The advantages of taking the train to the Dutch capital include getting to see the beautiful countryside. It is advised that you go to Amsterdam on the Eurostar from London (changing in Brussels), which can be done in less than 7 hours.

You can take a direct train from Amsterdam Airport Schiphol to Amsterdam Centraal Station to get to the city if you arrive by flight at Schiphol. From Amsterdam Centraal Station, a number of international trains arrive and depart, including those operated by Thalys (linked to Paris, Brussels, Antwerp), ICE International (linked to Düsseldorf, Cologne, Frankfurt), CityNightLine/Euronight (linked to Copenhagen, Warsaw, Minsk, Moscow, Prague, Munich, and Zurich), and others. The Intercity train to Berlin, which travels every two hours, connects it to Osnabrück, Hanover, and Berlin.

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Previous amsterdam Conferences

Conference Title Conference Name Venue Dates
3rd International Conference on Clinical Psychiatry and Mental Health Clinical Psychiatry 2023 Amsterdam, Netherlands October 30th, 2023
5th International Conference on Addiction, Psychiatry and Behavioral Health Addiction 2023 Amsterdam, Netherlands October 30th, 2023
4th International Conference on Food, Nutrition and Fitness Nutrition 2023 Amsterdam, Netherlands October 30th, 2023
International Conference on Laboratory Medicine and Pathology Laboratory Medicine 2023 Amsterdam, Netherlands September 14th, 2023
Webinar on NANOTECHNOLOGY and NANOMATERIALS Nano Amsterdam, Netherlands March 5th, 2021
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