Pharmacy Conferences

Pharmacy Conferences will discuss about the subject in detail which is a clinical health discipline that combines medical science and chemistry. It is responsible for the discovery, manufacture, disposal, safe and effective administration, and control of prescriptions and drugs. Pharmacy practice involves a thorough understanding of medications, their mechanisms of action, side effects, interactions, mobility, and toxicity. It also involves treatment expertise and an understanding of the disease process. To better coordinate care delivery, physicians and pharmacists visit with patients from the time of diagnosis through therapy. 

About Longdom

Longdom is well known for being the best platform for innovation and collaboration for the leading international speaker talks and is instrumental in bringing together experts and beginners for friendly and effective research-oriented discussions. The goal of Longdom conferences is to bring together scientists at every level from different disciplines to understand and discuss during programmed topic sessions and informal gatherings. Longdom conferences will showcase innovative, cutting-edge research on the fundamental roles in addressing the challenges and translational research from academia to industry.

Previous Pharmacy Conferences

Conference Title Conference Name Venue Dates
3rd International Conference on Pharmaceutics and Advanced Drug Delivery Systems Pharma 2023 Dubai, UAE December 4th, 2023
3rd International Conference  on Clinical Pharmacy and Drug Design Clinical Pharmacy 2023 Berlin, Germany September 11th, 2023
1st Webinar on Pharmaceutical and Pharma Industry Pharmaceutical and Pharma Industry 2021 London, UK April 26th, 2021
Webinar on Medical and Pharmaceutical Sciences Pharmaceutical Sciences 2020 London, UK November 20th, 2020
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