Jun 27-28, 2022    Miami, USA

International Conference on

International Conference on Digestive Metabolic Disease

Ian James Martins

Ian James Martins


Title: Chronic Diarrhea


Distinguished Scientist Award in "International Scientist Awards on Engineeering, Science and Medicine", (2021), Dr. Ian James Martins DSc (Honoris Causa) has World Records to his credit in Endocrinology & Metabolism, Diabetes and Nutrition. He is world's famous scientist ...Regulations for Higher Doctorate Degree | Policies and ..https://sites.google.com › site › honorarydegreeacademics,. International Press Release July 2020, Dr. Ian James Martins DSc (Honoris Causa) Doctrin De Science Award Honoris Causa), AD Scientific Index Rankings for Scientist, 5830 from 26908 (Australia, Commonwealth). Top Peer Reveiwer 2019, Global Peer Reveiw Awards, PUBLONS, Editor/Reveiwer for Open Acess Pub/MDPI and Scientific Reports (Nature) journals and other journals. Advisory Board Member for Photon Journal. Fellow of International Agency for Standards and Ratings (IASR). Chief Editor for International Journal of Diabetes Research (2014-2021), Research and Reviews: Neuroscience (2016-2021) and Journal of Diabetes and Clinical Studies (2017-2021),Advancement in Case Studies (2020-2023), Novel Techniques in Nutrition and Food Sciences (2020-2023), Global Journal of Endocrinology and Metabolism (2020-2023), Interventions in Obesity and Diabetes (2020-2023), Journal of Spine and Neuroscience, Journal of Metabolic Syndrome and Journal of Diabetes, Obesity and Metabolism. BIT Member (BIT Congress. Inc) with an h-index of 136, Google Scholar Citations (32),ResearchGate STATs (34), Scopus Mendeley (22), UWA Research Repository (18), Semantic Scholar (29), Publon (1). Scientist for The Science Advisory Board (USA) and an Academic with Academia.edu (4832 veiws, 574 public mentions). Postdoctoral Researcher Frontiers in Genetics (5374 veiws, 1484 downloads, 1483 citations), Dimensions (1769 citations). Editorial Board Member for 150 journals.