Dec 06-07, 2021    Dubai, UAE

International Conference on

Advanced Dentistry and Dental Treatment

LONGDOM Conferences is overwhelmed and delighted to announce the inception of the novel event International Conference on Advanced Dentistry and Dental treatment. The most awaited dental conference would be staged during December 06-07, 2021 at Dubai, UAE. With the theme upholding “Fostering the Future Excellence of Dentistry Trends for Todays Lifestyle ", the event is assured to bring forth transparent and significant changes in the arena of Dentistry. Advanced Dentistry 2021 organizing committee looks forward to meet you in the Dubai, one of the country largest cities with a very rich history.

Dubai is the most populous city in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and the capital of the Emirate of Dubai.Located in the eastern part of the Arabian Peninsula on the coast of the Persian Gulf, Dubai is a global city and the business hub of Western Asia. It is also a major global transport hub for passengers and cargo. Oil revenue helped accelerate the development of the city, which was already a major mercantile hub. Today, less than 5% of the emirate's revenue comes from oil. A centre for regional and international trade since the early 20th century, Dubai's economy relies on revenues from trade, tourism, aviation, real estate, and financial services.
Dubai is a city and emirate in the United Arab Emirates known for luxury shopping, ultramodern architecture and a lively nightlife scene. Burj Khalifa, an 830m-tall tower, dominates the skyscraper-filled skyline. At its foot lies Dubai Fountain, with jets and lights choreographed to music. On artificial islands just offshore is Atlantis, The Palm, a resort with water and marine-animal parks.
 Who Can Attend?
  Dental and Oral Health Researchers, Faculty and Students
  Principal Dentists
  Dental Owners or Partners
  Manufacturers and Distributors of Medical Devices
  Dental/ Oral Surgeons
  Dental Radiologists
  Cosmetic Surgeons
  Dental Nurses
  Dental Business Managers
  Dental and Oral Health Associations and Societies
  Dental Treatment Coordinators


 Mode of Participations

 Keynote Sessions
 Exhibitor Booth
 Oral Presentations
 Video Presentations
 Poster Presentations
 E-poster Presentation


Visa Assistance

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Please Note: Candidate can contact via [email protected] if he/she couldn't able to make the online payment. The team of Clinical Pharma 2021 will provide INVOICE for the price requested with which he/she can make bank-to-bank transfer easily.


Sessions/ Tracks:

Forensic Odontology is the proper handling, examination and evaluation of dental evidence, which will be then presented in the interest of justice. The evidence that may be derived from teeth is the age (in children) and identification of the person to whom the teeth belong.

Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery is the division of dentistry that comprises surgery to correct diseases, injuries, and flaws in the head, neck, face, jaws and the hard and soft tissues of the oral and Cranio-maxillofacial region. The field of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery varies from simple extractions and surgical removal of buried teeth to controlling of facial trauma
Session 03: Oral Cancer

Oral Cancer can form in any portion of the mouth or throat. Most oral cancers begin in the tongue and in the floor of the mouth. Anybody can get oral cancer, but threats are higher for male, over age 40, use tobacco or alcohol or have a past of head or neck cancer. Repeated sun exposure is also a risk for lip cancer.  
Session 04: Prosthodontics

Prosthodontics or Prosthetic Dentistry: is the part of dentistry that focuses on dental prostheses. Prosthodontists offer multi-disciplinary levels of care and offer the most progressive form of sequencing treatment, restorative treatment and maintenance. Prosthodontic treatments are designed to produce a balance between functionality, longevity and aesthetics, which include crowns and bridges, bonding and veneers, dentures, dental implants, and full mouth restoration.

Pediatric Dentistry is the dental field that provides primary and widespread oral healthcare for children from infancy through youth and patients with special health care needs. Pediatric Dental Treatment and disease avoidance is provided for children up to 14 years of age, with special services for newborns and infants. Pediatric dentists encourage the dental health of children as well as help as educational resources for parents.
Session 06:  Veterinary Dentistry

Veterinary dentistry is the field of dentistry applied to the care of animals. It is the art and science of prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of conditions, diseases, and disorders of the oral cavity, the Maxillo-facial region, and its associated structures as it relates to animals. It is important to examine the whole animal, even when the primary complaint is the mouth.
Session 07: Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry states to any dental work that improves the appearance of a person's teeth, gums. It mainly focuses on enhancement dental aesthetics in color, position, shape, size, alignment and overall smile appearance. It involves the addition of a dental material to teeth or gums, removal of tooth structure or gums, straightening of teeth accompanied by an improvement in the appearance of face.

Session 08:  Periodontics

Periodontics or Periodontology is the division of dentistry that deals with the management of the tissues surrounding and supporting the teeth, especially the gums. Gum cure is essential to prevent tooth loss. Common Periodontal processes include scaling and root development, periodontal surgery, dental implants, and cosmetic techniques such as crown lengthening, soft tissue grafts, and ridge augmentation.


3D Imaging is one of the most significant tools for orthodontists to evaluate and record size and form of craniofacial structures. Orthodontists regularly use 2-dimensional (2D) static imaging procedures, but deepness of structures cannot be acquired and restricted with 2D imaging. Three-dimensional (3D) imaging has been developed in the early of 1990's and has gained a prized place in Dentistry, particularly in orthodontics.
Session 10: Dental Ethics

Dental Ethics is a discipline dealing mainly with moral duty, conduct, and judgment. The dentist and the practice of dentistry are organized by many laws on the federal, state, and local level. Dental Ethics mean moral duties and obligations of the dentist towards his patients, specialists and associates and society. "Dentistry meetings" and Dentistry conferences help to encourage the welfare and equality of human beings.

Key Topics
  Cosmetic dentistry
  Oral Health
  Forensic odontology
  Aesthitic Dentistry
  Laser Dentistry
  Dental Hygiene
  Dental Trauma
  Implant dentistry
  Dental Sleep Medicine
  Dental Research
  Oral and Maxillofacial Pathology
  Dental Implants
  Dental Marketing
  Oral Implantology
  Oral medicine
  Nano Dentistry
  Oral Microbiology
  Oral Surgery 
  Dental Nursing
  Pediatric Dentistry
  Digital Dentistry
  Oral Pathology
  Dental Public Health
  Dental Robotics
  Oral Radiology
  Dental Practice
  Conservative Dentistry
  Dental Anesthesiology
  Dental Education
  Operative Dentistry
  Restorative Dentistry
  Dental Technology
  Dental Materials
  Geriatric Dentistry
  Special needs Dentistry
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