May 21-22, 2021    Paris, France

Euro Catalysis 2021

3rd Frontiers in Catalysis and Chemical Engineering


Why Paris?


The list of reasons to visit France is endless! The world’s most visited country is blessed with a stunning landscape comprising of Alpine mountains, beautiful meadows, farms, rivers, and spectacular sea coast. France is the leading light in our planet’s culture, performing arts and gastronomy. It has given the world the idea of “liberty, equality and justice” along with several other cultural imports. Paris, its capital city, is filled with baroque palaces, art-nouveau architecture, and spectacular public squares. Eiffel Tower continues to be the cultural symbol of France while the Champs Elysees remains the heart and soul of Paris.

However, Paris is not the only destination, move north and you will be greeted by beautiful meadows and D-Day beaches. Down south is filled with beautiful Mediterranean Sea coasts and cities of Nice, Cannes, Marseilles, St. Tropez, etc. Everywhere you move in France, geography changes and with it, changes the flavors of French cuisine. Cultural performances and art still dominates the country which is evident in the number of painters, poets, and writers sharing the most beautiful spots with the tourists.


There are plenty of things to see and do in France which is blessed with diverse landscapes and geography. Starting from world-class alpine resorts to stunning beaches of Saint Tropez, France is truly a world-class destination!


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