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Jun 17-18, 2022    Vancouver, Canada

International conference on

Neuroscience and Psychiatry

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Elma Miftari
11:30 AM-12:40 AM

Elma Miftari

University of Tirana , Albania Albania

Title: A Three-Step Intervention To Deal With Emotional, Cognition And Interaction Difficulties in Autism


 Autism spectrum disorders are considered neurodevelopmental disorders that affect cognition, interaction, socialization and behavior. Because the emotional state of parents is important in the development of the child, we have researched emotional and psychological trauma before and during pregnancy in mothers who have children with autism spectrum disorders. We have seen that most of the mothers participating in this study have gone through significant trauma during pregnancy. We have also researched the emotional and psychological state of both parents in the postpartum period and during the growth of the child! In addition to parents in this study we also included children with autism of participating parents.Giving importance to specific individual intervention, we have built a therapeutic program called "three-step intervention" which is built based on the personal characteristics and needs of each child with a focus on anxiety treatment, cognitive stimulation and support with supplements depending on cognitive difficulties, and stimulating interaction. After the completion of the first phase of this therapeutic intervention, we have seen significant changes in the emotional state of the Parents and especially noticeable progress in children in cognition and interaction, changes which we have seen to be stable over time.


Elma Miftari completed her Clinical Psychology at University of Tirana. She done her Specialization in Pervasive Disorders, Early Identification, Diagnosis and Treatment. Elma is Executive Director of the Department of Psychology and Pervasive Disorders, Co-Head of the Department of Research and Neurorehabilitation at the White Storm Institute of Mental Health, Neuropsychological Rehabilitation in "Mental Health Albania", trainer for "Pervasive Disorders", Elma published 5 articles on Autism Spectrum Disorders.