Mar 21-22, 2024    Paris, France
6th International Conference on

Mental Health and Wellbeing


Mental Health


Mental health complaint includes one’s emotional, social and cerebral well- being. Mental health is veritably important in every aspects of life from nonage through majority as it determines how an individual handle stress, relation to others and make choice. In the span of life, an existent’s mood, allowing and geste is affected if the individual experience internal health problems. There are numerous factors involved behind passing this complaint. Biological factors, life experience similar as abuse or trauma, family history having internal health problems. There are further than 200 classified forms of internal illness. Some of the common diseases are bipolar complaint, schizophrenia, anxiety complaint and madness.

  • Multiple personality diseases
  • Compulsive-obsessive Personality complaint (OCPD)
  • Adult/ children counselling
  • Cognitive geste remedy

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Mental Health and its Disorders & Addiction

Mental health refers to cognitive, behavioural, emotional and social well-being. It is all about how people think, feel, and behave. It also helps to determine how we handle stress and make choices. Mental health can affect daily living, relationships and physical health. Mental health problems are common but help is available. People with mental health problems can get better and many recover completely. The components of Mental Health are In-person therapy, community, physical health, Intellectual health, environmental health, boundaries and self-care.

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Psychiatry is a scientific discipline which deals with internal countries and geste. It's a broad discipline includes numerous sub-fields similar as mortal development, sports, clinical, social geste and cognitive process.

  • Neurocognitive psychiatry
  • Behavioral psychology
  • Exigency psychiatry
  • Cognitive psychology

Alzheimer diseases and Dementia

Alzheimer’s complaint is the most common type of madness that affects aged grown-ups and isn't a normal phase of aging. Alzheimer's complaint has no cure or treatment that affects the complaint process in the brain. Complications from significant loss of brain function, similar as dehumidification, starvation, or infection, can lead to mortality in advanced stages of the condition. Madness can be a general term for a decline in capability severe enough to intrude with life. Madness is a broad description which includes numerous different symptoms, word- chancing difficulties, disabled judgment, and problems with day- to- day conditioning, which are caused by injury or loss of brain cells (neurons).

    • Vascular madness
    • madness with Lewy bodies
    • Neurological examination

Schizophrenia & OCD

Schizophrenia is a serious mental disorder in which people are interpreting reality abnormally schizophrenia varies from one individual to the other, it is typically persistent and can be both severe and disabling. 1 in 300 persons or Around 24 million people (0.32%), globally suffer with schizophrenia. Adults at this rate make up 1 in 222 individuals (0.45%). Schizophrenia may result in some combination of delusions and hallucations and extremely disordered thinking and behaviour that impairs daily functioning and can be disabling. Schizophrenia and OCD are completely unrelated to one another in terms of their causes and symptoms, but they do have some characteristics in common that make some people more vulnerable to developing both disorders.

  • Streptococcal infections
  • Generalized anxiety disorder
  • Intrusive thoughts

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Stress and Anxiety

Stress is primarily cerebral perception of pressure. Stress releases important neurochemicals and hormones that prepare us for action (to fight or flee). Stress is a feeling of emotional and physical pressure. Stress linked with some of the heart related complaint like coronary roadway complaint, heart attack, and heart failure. Extreme response to stress causes fear attack. Situations and pressures that beget stress are known as stressors. An event that makes you feel confused or anxious can beget the focused emotion to arise. The inviting maturity hassle stress and unease every formerly during a while. Pressure may be a sentiment dread, stress, or apprehension. It are frequently a response to solicitude, or it can be in individualities who cannot distinguish noteworthy stressors throughout their life.

  • Positive psychology
  • Generalized anxiety disorder

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Depression & Bipolar diseases

In everyday life, the word" Depression" can relate to a variety of motifs. The phenomenon proves to be challenging to understand because the word is used to describe both a internal condition and a feeling." Wretchedness" may relate to a evanescent feeling of unhappiness that's a by- product of everyday bummers, prostration, forlornness, and anguish. Bipolar confusion, also known as hyperactive depressive illness, is an internal condition that results in erratic changes in mood, energy, exertion situations, and the capability to execute diurnal tasks. There are four main types of bipolar complaint, and each one causes conspicuous changes in mood, energy, and mobility. These grains range from incredibly buoyant, stimulated, and" up" moments( known as hyperactive scenes) to incredibly saddening," down," or miserable moments. Hypomanic scripts are less severe hyperactive occurrences.

  • Nonage abuse
  • Mood stabilizers
  • Natural disasters
  • Manic depression Behavioural complaint

Sleep Disorders

Sleep-wake disease frequently does along with medical conditions or other mental health conditions, similar as anxiety, depression, or cognitive diseases. Sleep difficulties are linked to both physical and emotional problems .Sleep problems can both contribute to complicate mental health conditions and can be a symptom of other mental health condition.

  • Restless leg syndrome pattern
  • Sleep apnea


Neurodevelopmental diseases

Neurodevelopmental conditions obstruct the growth and development of the brain or, occasionally, the focused sensitive system. A more limited use of the expression refers to a internal health issue that affects memory, learning capability, discretion, and feeling, and that arises as a person develops and produces.. In any event, the subjects of neuropsychology and conduct nervous system wisdom are nearly related to neuropsychiatry, which is a growing specialist of psychiatry. Neuropsychiatry Psychiatry is a branch of drug that deals with internal issues that might be linked to conditions of the sensitive system.

    • Pervasive experimental diseases
    • Attention deficiency hyperactivity complaint

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Midwifery and Women Health

Midwifery deals with gestation, parturition postpartum period, sexual and reproductive health of women throughout their lives. Midwives practice in hospitals, particular medical conventions, deliver babies in bearing centres and also attend at-home births furnishing maternal care and care during and after labor. Women's health focuses on the treatment and opinions and ails problems that have an impact on a woman's physical and mental health.

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Strokes and Trauma

With increased mindfulness of the violent impact of traumatic brain injury in recent times, a common question is whether or not traumatic brain injury can beget strokes. Numerous well- known athletes have spoken of traumatic brain injury and how it affected their lives times after quitting sports. Traumatic brain injury exploration has also set up an association between traumatic brain injury and stroke. After trauma, strokes are common. Indeed, while recent generalities of stroke count pathologies directly related to trauma, there are still numerous mechanisms by which posterior ischemia or haemorrhage may be caused by a previous traumatic event.

Case Studies and Ethical Issues

Case studies in neuroscience and neurology are crucial provenance of new ideas and hypothesis. The causes, symptoms and treatment and possible outcome are analyzed using the reports. This topic focuses on case study methodologies and advantages. Detailed case studies most frequently describe people with rare, unique, and abnormal conditions. Framing the neurological condition from case report enhances new clinical inventions and therapeutics.

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