May 13-14, 2019    Tokyo, Japan

New Frontiers in Optics, Fibre Optics and Communication Systems

Fibre Optics: Nothing in the world gives us more power and confidence than having information. The ability to communicate information is essential to achieve the successful advancement of humankind. Transmission of information is imperative to the expansion of our horizons.

Fibre optics transports light in a very directional way. Light is focused into and guided through a cylindrical glass Fibre. Fibre optics is extremely thin strands of purified glass that carry information from one point to another in the form of light. Unlike copper wire, fibre optics does not use electricity during transmission. Optical Fibres can be either glass or plastic tubing capable of transmitting light, which is then converted into sound, speech or information.

Communication Systems: There are many handy tools that can be used for communication today. Not only do these technological devices provide ease and convenience in daily life, but there are some circumstances where the ability to communicate rapidly aids a person in a life or death situation. Another imperative communications system that can be obtained commercially is a radio communications system. People use communication systems every day, in all capacities, regardless of job, educations, or any other distinguishing factor.

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