Dec 07-09, 2023    Dubai, UAE

4th International Conference on Dementia


Dubai is a desirable location for hosting a dementia conference due to its accessibility as a major transit hub and its well-established infrastructure. Its international airport provides simple connections, inviting numerous countries to participate. The city's modern medical facilities, such as dementia research centres, hospitals, and universities, contribute to its desirability. The availability of cutting-edge resources can boost the conference's quality and relevance.Dubai is expected to have a robust network of local dementia experts, clinicians, researchers, and organisations. The conference's location in Dubai encourages collaboration, knowledge exchange, and networking among specialists in the industry. Participants can interact with local experts, share thoughts, and form collaborative relationships.Dubai's international appeal draws a diverse range of participants and speakers. As a global metropolis with a thriving culture and economy.


Dubai, in the UAE, is a cosmopolitan city known for its modern infrastructure, luxury lifestyle, and captivating attractions. The iconic Burj Khalifa and Palm Jumeirah offer stunning views and lavish resorts. Dubai Mall and traditional souks provide diverse shopping experiences. The city's hospitality includes luxurious hotels and resorts. Cultural heritage can be explored at the Dubai Museum and Dubai Opera. Outdoor enthusiasts can enjoy desert safaris and water sports. The culinary scene offers a fusion of international and Arabic cuisines. Dubai is a hub for events and exhibitions with world-class facilities. It guarantees a memorable visit in the UAE.

Speakers Interview