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Jun 20-21, 2022    New York, USA
International Conference on

Clinical Medical Science

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Young Researchers Award

Young Researchers Award


Longdom Awards support with an aim in recognizing outstanding achievements and contributions of professionals and researchers in the area of Life Sciences, Medical Sciences, Health Care and Clinical.

LongDom Scientific Committee, a committee within the Advisory Council, is responsible for recommending individuals for awards for consideration and approval. LongDom awards are categorized to best speaker talks, best abstract, best poster award, outstanding young researcher award and the house of delegate awards. Awards are presented annually at the venue of the LongDom conference meetings. Winners of the awards will be considered to have presented an original scientific or technical study investigating a novel application or an innovative research approach, of a standard suitable for publication at an international level.


The award’s objective is to encourage participants to be innovative in the way the research work is delivered to engage the audience.

Judging Criteria:

Originality (weighting 15%) – original research contributing to the cumulative knowledge base of the field that is likely to inspire peers and has not been presented previously

Research method (weighting 15%) – scientifically sound contention/conclusion supported by robust evidence with critical and coherent analysis

Presentation style (weighting 70%) – novel, innovative, entices high level of engagement and effective mechanism to deliver the research work concepts and conclusions


All abstracts/papers submitted are critically reviewed by the Scientific Committee as to their eligibility and suitability. They are rated based on the quality of the presentation content, the educational value and the quality of the written abstract. The conference (congress) will offer awards to the three best abstracts (First, Second and Third).

A “Certificate of Appreciation” will be given to the 2nd and 3rd nominations from the participant abstracts of the conference.

Please note that;

The jury will only consider the nominated speakers for the Best abstracts awards selection. The jury will evaluate the nominated abstracts according to; uniqueness, title, abstract, and keywords.

The applicants of Best Abstracts Awards should register for the conference. The nominated abstracts will not be evaluated in case of not fulfilling the registration requirements.

The awards will be announced at the closing ceremony of the conference and the author(s) of the nominated abstracts should be present at the opening ceremony.


The conference will offer the Best Poster Award for the three best posters (First, Second and Third).

Please read the guidelines below carefully;

All posters will automatically be considered for the Poster Award.2 reviewers will select the best posters. The winners will be formally announced during the closing ceremony. The three winners of the Poster Award will receive award certificates.

The posters will be evaluated in terms of; design and layout, coherence, argumentation + methodology, awareness of previous work, attractiveness, message and main points, the balance of text visuals, and overall impression.

Poster Size: The poster size should be approximately 1x1 M long. Please choose upright format and keep in mind that the font sizes should be big enough to allow your poster to be read from some distance. We suggest using fonts Arial/Times New Roman and font size of 22 – 24 pt. for texts and 60 – 70 pt. for headings.  You are kindly asked to bring your poster fully assembled and printed.
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