Apr 24-25, 2020    New York, USA

World Microbiology Summit


Microbiology conferences host presentations from experts across the world in the field of microbiology. These microbiology conferences create awareness and understanding of the work done by the scientists and professors working in the various fields of microbiology like bacteriology, which deals with research on bacteria and their types; virology, which deals with the latest research on viruses, prions and other types of viruses and the drugs to combat against the infections and recent out-breaks of viruses like Ebola; mycology, which deals with the current research on fungi- their physiology and genetics; parasitology which deals with the latest research and developments on parasites and their host interactions- beneficial and harmful; molecular microbiology is one of the core areas in the inter-disciplinary fields of molecular biology and microbiology that deals with the microbes at their molecular level. Conferences also include poster presentations, Young Research Forum, pre-conference and conference workshops, International Symposiums apart from the various speaker sessions.


Microbiology-2020 could be a stage that licenses the devoted and committed Microbiology experts to investigate their information, their involvement, and their accomplishments in a progressed way. It is to examine modern and inventive Innovations that the Microbiology field has seen amid later a long time, which is able drive the Microbiology community one standard up. Modern Patterns and innovations in Microbiology is developing so quick these days, allowing Researchers, the capabilities that they had never thought conceivable indeed fair many a long time back. Presently a day, individuals can anticipate encountering the exceptionally best of what modern-day Microbiology must offer. Nowadays, we have numerous cutting-edge apparatuses in arrange to convey indeed a higher-quality care.

Who We Are:

The LONGDOM Conferences is an expert-driven non-profit international conference organizer, initiated to provide an international forum for the appearance and discussions of cutting edge research in the fields of Health sciences, medical Sciences, clinical Sciences, New technologies, engineering Sciences, life sciences and their related research.

Who Can Attend?

•  Professors
• Associate Professors
• Assistant Professors
• PhD Scholars
• Graduates and Post Graduates
• Directors, CEO’s of Organizations
• Head of Departments
• Association, Association presidents and professionals
• Research Institutes and members
• Manufacturing Companies
• Directors of Microbiology companies and Organizations.    
• Microbiologists.

Mode of Participations:

• Speaker
• Delegate
• Workshops
• Poster
• Symposium’s
• Exhibitors Booth and Stalls
• Sponsorship
• E-Video Presentation
• E-poster presentation

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Reach Us   +32466903133