Longdom Conference takes prodigious gratification to welcome you in our forthcoming conference 2nd World Chemistry Conferences and Exhibitor during March 23-24, 2019 at Amsterdam, Netherland.  Longdom.com organizes a conference in the USA, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Middle East and other prominent locations across the globe. We organize Pharmaceutical Chemistry Events in the fields related to it like Chemistry, Inorganic, and Organic Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Drug Design, Drug Chemistry, Drug Targeting, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, and Bioisostere

The topic of the current year's gathering is "Propelled catalysis and Advanced Perception on Chemical Transformation and Chemistry" which will provide a global platform to present a talk and brief discussion on Chemistry academia’s and researchers.

The conference shares the platform with its well organized scientific program to the audience which includes interactive panel discussions, keynote presentation, plenary talks, video presentation , workshop, B2B meeting and poster sessions on the topics Modern Research on Chemistry, Inorganic and Organic Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Electro Chemistry, Material and Polymer Chemistry, Nuclear and Radio Chemistry, Petroleum Chemistry, Forensic Chemistry  and the recent research in the field of  chemistry.

The conference invites delegates from Leading Universities, Pharmaceutical companies, Formulation Scientists, Medical Devices, Researchers, Healthcare   professionals, students, business delegates and Young researchers across the globe providing a better podium, interconnecting the most recent research, innovative advancements in the field and in addition restorative viewpoints

Target Audience:

  1. Distinguished Scientific Professionals in the field of Chemistry
  2. Universities Faculty (Professors, Associate Professors, Asst. Professors)
  3. Associations and Societies related to Chemistry
  4. Pharmaceutical and Chemistry business entrepreneurs
  5. Manufacturing Pharmaceutical products companies
  6. Manufacturing Medical Devices Companies
  7. Directors, CEO’s of Organization
  8. PhD Scholars, Graduates and Post Graduates of Pharma and Chemistry Students
  9. Bio-informatics Professionals
  10. Brand Manufacturers/ Marketers of Consumer Products
  11. Marketing, Advertising and Promotion Agency Executives
  12. Analytical chemists
  13. Chemical Engineers
  14. Clinical Biochemists
  15. Forensic Scientists
  16. Material Chemists
  17. Food Chemists
  18. Pharmacologists
  19. Research Scientists
  20. Polymer Chemists