Apr 25-26, 2022    Paris, France

International Conference on

International Conference on Epidemiology


Rare Diseases & Drug Development

Rare diseases affect small percentage of the population in recent years.  Around 80% of rare diseases are genetic in origin. Cambridge Healthtech Institute’s symposium on Drug Discovery for Rare Diseases will bring together leading scientists, clinicians, executives and experts who are involved in finding new drug targets and drug modalities for treating rare disorders. 

Maternal, Infant and Child Health

Since 1990, maternal death worldwide has dropped by 45 percent, however consistently around 800 women die from preventable makes related pregnancy and labor. 

Primary and Occupational Health

Primary healthcare is the main branch of healthcare system including diagnosis, prevention, treatment and screening. Primary Healthcare is dedicated to serving those who experience a barrier in receiving care

Epidemiology and Public Health

The study of disease transmission is a crucial module of general wellbeing practice. The control means to bear the cost of the premise to forestall infection and to support the soundness of populaces through the investigation of the event and dispersion of wellbeing related states or occasions, with the investigation of determinants convincing such states

Epidemiology and Cancers:

The study of disease transmission of malignancy is the investigation of the angles influencing malignancy, as an approach to induce likely patterns and causes. 

Epidemiology and Sociology

Social the study of disease transmission is an outlet of the study of disease transmission that accentuations especially on the impacts of social-underlying components on conditions of wellbeing.

Epidemiology and Environmental Health

Ecological the study of disease transmission is a division of the study of disease transmission worried about deciding what natural encounters mean for human wellbeing. This field seeks after to see how a few outer danger elements may incline to or guard against sickness, disease, injury, formative irregularities, or passing. 

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