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Cosmetology and Beauty Expo

4th World Conference On Cosmetology and Beauty Expo welcomes all the attendees, speakers, sponsor’s and other research expertise from all over the world which is going to be held on Aug 22-23, 2022 in Vancouver, Canada. We are very much honoured to invite you all to exchange and share your views and experience on the Cosmetology conference
Cosmetology conference will provide a wonderful platform for you to refresh your knowledge base and explore the innovations in Cosmetology. The Conference will strive to offer plenty of networking opportunities, providing you with the opportunity to meet and interact with the leading scientists and researchers, friends and colleagues as well as sponsors and exhibitors. The theme of the Conference “Skin is a beautiful thing, Redefine it with Cosmetology & Beauty” will underpin the need for collaboration and cooperation of individuals from a wide range of professional backgrounds. It aims to promote awareness and enhance research aiming in developing solutions for the Cosmetology challenges encountered.
Cosmetic surgeries encompasses of numerous sculpting and contouring techniques employed by cosmetic surgeons to improve appearance of individuals.  The main focus is to enhance aesthetic appeal, symmetry and physical proportion. Most commonly performed cosmetic surgeries are facial contouring, skin rejuvenation, breast augmentation, eye lid lift and liposuction. According to International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS) labiaplasty was the fastest growing surgical procedure with a rise in 45% from 2016 followed by lower body and upper body lift. Moreover, breast augmentation procedure still remained the most commonly performed procedure till June 2017.
Aesthetic practice is one of the branches of the dermatology which deals with the manual and operative procedures either to repair injuries or to enhance ones physical appearance. It comprises of both surgical and non-surgical procedures. The main cosmetic treatments involved in aesthetic practices are radiofrequency skin tightening, facelifts, chemical peels, breast implants, thermage etc. All the Cosmetic Minimally-Invasive Procedures have had both incline as well as decline compared to statistics report of the both 2015 and 2016. Botulinum toxin type A and chemical peels both  had an incline of 4% and  Soft tissue fillers  had incline of 2% whereas Laser hair removal and Microdermabrasion treatments declined by 1 and 3 % as compared to 2016 report. The Botulinum Toxin type A injections was noticed to be commercially largest used injections for skin rejuvenation therapies.
Cosmetic dermatology is a specialized branch of medicine which deals with diagnosis and treatment of skin and nails related diseases such as aging management, nail fungal treatment, facial surgeries, laser treatments etc. Presently Nano emulsions are used to treat skin aging caused due to tissue degeneration. Skin photoaging is on scales of successful cures by reconstructive surgeries. Skin grafting techniques are used to treat skin burns. Skin rejuvenation and resurfacing are another trending techniques performed with the help of lasers. Cosmetic dermatology market is one of the top leading segments in cosmetology industry. Photorejuvenation treatments have increased globally upto 36% as compared to previous year statistics. Besides these Hyaluronic Acid had an incline of 16%, Laser Tattoo Removal with rise of 13% and Nonsurgical Skin Tightening has reached profit of 12% till the end of 2016. Photorejuvenation is one of the top 5 non-surgical procedures where an approximate of 650,000 treatments were performed globally by the end of 2016.
Trichology is a co-branch of dermatology which deals with diseases and abnormal conditions related to hair and scalp. Hair transplants and hair restorations are the spontaneous recovery to excessive hair loss. The current furtherance and the idea of utilizing follicular unit joins have influenced this system to achieve another height. Above all the cosmetic treatments the hair restoration treatment has reached new heights. The micro pigmentation technique is found to be most widely used technique. United States followed by Canada were the two most populous countries performing hair restoration treatment with profit of 18 % and 43 %. Moreover, 78% of successful non-surgical operations were performed and 67% successful of surgical operations were performed in recent years. In coming years it is predicted that the ratio of will be inclined by 5% per year.
Cosmetic gynaecology is basically termed to be used by atheists to enhance female genitals. Various procedures such as the most emerging procedure of labiaplasty, vaginal rejuvenation, pelvic floor repair and hymen repair. Cosmetic gynaecology can be both surgical and non-surgical procedures. The growth of cosmetic surgical clinics has increased the awareness, accessibility and affordability. About 95,010 labiaplasty surgeries, 50,086 Vaginal Rejuvenation surgeries were performed globally in the year 2015. Gynaecological surgeries rank among top 25 cosmetic surgeries performed globally. The average increase in gynaecology from last years is estimated to be 10% than 2014-15 statistics.
                                                                                                   Market analysis
The Global Cosmetic Surgery and Services Market is relied upon to achieve USD 39,842.8 million by 2025, from USD 23,715.6 million out of 2017, developing at a CAGR of 6.7% amid the gauge time of 2018 to 2025. The up and coming business sector report contains information for notable years 2016, the base year of computation is 2017 and the conjecture time frame is 2018 to 2025. As per the yearly plastic medical procedure procedural insights, there were 15.9 million careful and insignificantly invasive cosmetic systems performed in the United States in 2015, a 2 percept increment more than 2014. The numbers are rising quite a long time for patients going under the blade. The advancement of corrective medical procedure has supported reconstructive medical procedure. The worldwide market for plastic medical procedure and stylish medical procedure is relied upon to be stretch around $43.9 billion by 2025. The 2019-2024 Outlook for Beauty Devices in the United States uncovers the potential business income of Face Rejuvenation are given over somewhere in the range of 12,600 in urban areas in the United States.
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We gratefully thank all our wonderful Speakers, Conference Attendees, Students, Media Partners, Associations and Exhibitors for making World Cosmetology and Beauty Expo 2020 the best ever!

World Cosmetology and Beauty Expo 2020, hosted by the Longdom Conference was held during on Mar 19-20, 2020   London, UK, based on the theme “Skin is a beautiful thing, Redefine it with Cosmetology Beauty ” 
The conference was initiated with the Honourable presence of the Keynote forum. The list includes:
  • Shamimul Hasan, Banaras Hindu University, India
  • Marco Aurelio Faria Correa, Federal University, Brazil
  • Sowmya Naga Dogiparthi, Shri Sathya Sai Medical College and research Institute, India
  • Ali Gaber Ansary Mohamed, Alexandria Main University, Egypt
  • Sorush Niknamian, Liberty University, USA
For More details about our Previous conference :https://www.longdom.com/cosmetology-2020
With the grand success of International conference on World Cosmetology and Beauty Expo 2020  , Longdom Conferences  is proud to announce the to be 4th World Conference on Cosmetology and Beauty Expo "scheduled on Aug 22-23 in Vancouver, Canada.


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