Jun 20-21, 2022    New York, USA
3rd World Congress on

Virology- Immunology Vaccines


Veterinary Virology

Veterinary virology is the branch of veterinary medicine. It is the study of the viruses in non-human animals. Research in virology and veterinary virology studies the pathogenicity, diagnostic, identification, epidemiology and immune responses to a variety of infective agent pathogens for example, Japanese encephalitis virus, HIV, respiratory syncytial virus, cytomegalovirus and other herpes viruses, chicken metapneumovirus, feline calicivirus and Schmallenberg virus. Techniques used contains diagnostic identification ways, flow cytometry, ELISA, epidemiology, PCR and transcriptomic and genomic technologies, including metagenomics, resequencing and genotyping cell separation, proteomics, and infection models.

Agriculture and Plant Virology

Agriculture and Plant virology manages with the cyclic advancement of viral disease within plant. Transgenic plants are genetically altered utilizing recombinant DNA technique to create plants with new characteristics. Brome Mosaic Virus a small icosahedral positive stranded RNA plant virus which infects wheat and barley. Tobacco-mosaic virus is a single stranded RNA virus that causes mottling and discolouration of tobacco leaves. Cucumber mosaic virus are the plant pathogenic virus that happens in cucumber and tomato plants. Alfalfa mosaic infection is a phytopathogen that prompts to yellow mosaics and necrosis on commercially significant crops such as peas, lentils, clovers. Rice Stripe Virus is a RNA plant pathogen that taints plants for example wheat, corn and rice.

Deadly viral diseases

Deadly viral diseases are caused due to the viruses which are tiny germs that invade into the living organisms and normal cells, by using those cells they multiply and produce viruses like themselves. They can cause damage, make changes in the cell can make us sick or can kill us. Viruses can attack different cells in our body, few examples of some deadly viral diseases are Ebola, H5N1bird Flue, Crimean-Congo Hemorrhagic Fever, and Spanish Flue, Rabies, HIV, West Nile Virus etc. There are some antiviral medicines to treat viral infection, Vaccines can also prevent us from a viral infection.

Clinical Immunology and Allergy

Branch of Immunology dealing with clinical disorders at molecular and cellular levels is framed as a Clinical Immunology. The immune system is a multi-complex that defends the body against foreign invaders, as several microbes like bacteria and viruses etc.. While also contemplating the dreadful conditions upon autoimmunity, Allergy involves an overemphasize reaction of the immune system. Allergens are foreign substances which causes an allergic reaction to the body.

  • Asthma and COPD, Diagnostic Immunology, Molecular and Cellular mechanisms of Allergic Diseases, Immune deficiency syndromes

Clinical Ageing Immunology

Ageing is the indicator of the immune function, as the increased age will increase the Severity of Infections and decrease the immunity. Immunosenescence explains well about this phenomenon.

  • Immunosenescence in health and disease, Thymic Involution and Aging, Immunoglobulin response and aging, Effects of aging on hematopoiesis, Geriatric Immunology, Covid19 Impact on Aging

COVID-19 and immunodeficiency

Coronaviruses are a group of viruses that cause respiratory infections, including the normal cold and progressively extreme diseases, for example, Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) and Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS). The vast majority with immunodeficiencies and those on medications that supress their immune system are immunocompromised and are along the lines of more serious danger of any respiratory diseases.

Vaccines Production and Development

Vaccine development is an activity that focuses on a diffusion of technological tasks and applied research, which upgrade and strengthen more desirable frameworks and practices for vaccine protection and manufacturing. In the preceding year, the incredible Ebola sickness flare-up aroused research and enterprise reaction and as we preserve on scanning for preparations, we should audit the sporting activities found out with the stop goal to beat the go with the flow demanding situations. The present framework for growing, trying out, and directing immunizations created amid the 20th century because the gatherings covered institutionalized their methods and controls.

  • Vaccines Discovery, Vaccines Development, Vaccines Formulation, Vaccines Clinical Trials, Vaccines Research
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