Jul 20-21, 2022    London, UK
2nd Webinar on

Ear, Nose And Throat Disorders

Why London?

London, metropolis, capital of the United Kingdom. It is the various oldest of the arena’s terrific towns—its records spanning almost millennia—and one of the maximum cosmopolitan. By some distance Britain’s biggest metropolis, is also the country’s economic, transportation, and cultural center. London is located in south-eastern England, mendacity astride the River Thames some 50 miles (80 km).

Some key facts about London!

1.  Over 300 languages are spoken in London

2.  London was not always called London. Before settling in on the name ‘London’, it had a series of names – Londonium, Ludenwic, and Lunenburg!

3.   London has the smallest statue

4.  The Romans were the first to make London their home.

London top University 

Nottingham Trent University

University of York

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