October 23, 2019    Toronto, Canada

Future Advancements in Mobile Cloud Computing and Applications

Briefly Know About This Event

Longdom Conferences Provide the platform to speakers and offer delegates the opportunity to share their ideas and network. We are pleased to welcome you to attend and associate with us at Cloud Computing 2019 conference on October 23, 2019 at Toronto, Canada. The Cloud Computing 2019   mainly focuses on the theme “Future is all about the advanced telecom technologies”. Guided by a line-up of expert speakers.

Cloud Computing 2019 It is focusing on “Future is all about the advanced telecom technologies” to develop and explore knowledge among Cloud community and to launch new businesses and swapping ideas. Providing the right stage to present thought-provoking Keynote talks, Plenary sessions, Discussion Panels, B2B Meetings, Poster symposia, Video Presentations and Workshops. Cloud Computing 2019 foresees over 200 participants from 7 continents with revolutionary subjects, discussions and expositions. This will be a marvelous viability for the researchers, students and the delegates from Universities and Institutes to intermingle with the world class Scientists, speakers, technicians and laser Practitioners and Industry Professionals working in the field of computer science and its advanced fields.

Learn more about the lesser known Cloud Computing and mobile cloud computing and applications
Hear about the strategies that are in place to overcome the challenges and improved  outcomes
Gain an insight into the insights of public and the negative impacts on health and wellbeing
Benefit from a greater understanding of the importance of connectivity and its influence on promoting technical communities
Understand more about gambling addiction, its wide-reaching impact and the latest measures to help tackle the problem
Listen to examples of how living systems and organisms to develop or make products
Explore the prevalence of in the field of Computer science and its advanced related fields and its relationship with the world

Our Mission:
To provide the best platform were various ideas can be shared and information can be discussed.
To conduct conferences annually in each and every field Computer science and its advanced related fields system in various parts of the world to target maximum audiences.
To conduct outstanding events with our hard work. To create some value in the whole world. 

Our Vision:
To work as a team with effective dedication and prove ourselves as the best company for outstanding conference Organizer.

Tracks and Sessions/Key Topics:

Green computing | Selenium | cloud services | cloud application | Cloud infrastructure | Cloud operations management | Cloud computing security | Block chain | Scalability | Software as a service Cloud analytics | Cloud engineering | Cloud economic science | IOT cloud architectures & models |Fog Computing Systems| Cognitive computing technologies and infrastructure| Mobile and energy-efficient use of clouds| Distributed and Parallel System Architectures.| High Performance Computing| Big data models and algorithms| Business transformation based on cloud services| Mobile cloud with smart phones

Contact the Organizer of Cloud Computing 2019
Kartheek Mantri
Conference Scientific Manager
what’s App: +1(647) 559-2030

Email: [email protected]
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/karthik-mantri-450715184/
Cloud computing 2019