April 24, 2020    London, UK

Webinar on Applied and Environmental Microbiology

 Ms Shumaila Naz Malik,
11:00 AM-11:30 AM

Ms Shumaila Naz Malik,


Title: The Simple Available Phosphatase Enzyme Test For The Identification of Pathogenic Candida Species


To demonstrate the production of hydrolytic enzyme such as phosphatase among candida species and strains. Candida was the most important yeast isolated from clinical material was noticeably producing enzyme. These are the virulence factor may play important role in pathogenicity of candidiasis and able to attack cell and molecules of host immune system to resist antimicrobial activity. The phosphatase test is not introduced here as regular identification test but could be available method for the separation of Candida albicans from other species of candida particularly C. tropicalis which is actively phosphatase producer. The total of 300 yeast sample were isolated from clinical material tested using p-nitrophenyl phosphatase as a substrate in SD-broth and SD-Agar followed by 3 protocol. In this study clearly observed phosphatase producer and non phosphatase producer strain of candida species. The variation in phosphatase production among pathogenic Candida species were effected byPh, temperature, nutrient and substrate.


Department of Microbiology Jinnah University for women Karachi, Pakistan.