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April 30, 2021    ,

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Alicia Wu Mingshu

Alicia Wu Mingshu

Guangzhou Medical Cancer Centre China

Title: New health care facility commissioning and readiness to go live


Healthcare commissioning process should be safety and quality-oriented activities which validate and document the performance of not only facility but system as well, during the process commissioning team will verify to see if the original or defined objective and criteria are met. Understand the content, definition of commissioning that will take place. Clearly describe the timeline activities of commissioning processes  Evaluate the readiness before opening especially need to undertake risk assessment and the identification of potential hazards and the required strategies to eliminate or protect against these hazards during commissioning. Ingrained safety culture in everything we do during commissioning is crucial, therefor after identifying a group of commissioning team members we aligned the definition of hospital commissioning which is facility commissioning and clinical operations commissioning. project projective and identified seven medical flows, we also use simulation for activation during commissioning processes. Input should be also provided from all vertical team like radiology, inpatient, general surgery ect. As well as horizontal team like pharmacy, patient access, finance ect. It is also important to deliberately test emergency response at the same time, in our case, there are 5 major risks are identified and emergency response are also planned and tested making sure contingency plans are in place in case of potential disruptions. The goal is to make sure staff are really focus on safety and keep that mindset throughout the code response process. Commissioning checklist is a useful tool to be put into use throughout the whole processes making sure all aspects are covered, we also developed a simulation evaluation tool to identify gaps and potential improve opportunities. After diagnosing the problems and creating solutions we simulate the suggested solutions as well to choose the most effective and efficient solution which is used to create relevant policies and procedures that reflect the changes we made


Wu Mingshu/Alicia who works as quality & safety and patient experience director in a private cancer hospital in Guangzhou China. She has rich experience in greenfield hospital setting ups and quality & safety management. She successful led JCI & TUV accreditation for a high-end private women & children’s hospital in 2017.