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February 25, 2022    London, UK

10th Webinar on Otolaryngology and Rhinology

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Erivelto Volpi

Title: Radio frequency Ablation in the treatment of Micro Papillary Thyroid Cancer


Radiofrequency Ablation (RFA) of Thyroid Nodules is a minimally invasive treatment with several advantages over conventional surgery. Such advantages include no need for hospitalization or general anesthesia, as it is performed with local anesthesia, associated with light sedation when necessary, with discharge approximately two hours after the procedure. Other advantages are the absence of a scar and fast recovery. Still, without a doubt, the main advantage is the preservation of thyroid function, preventing the patient from using thyroid hormones. Its rapid acceptance by the medical community has expanded its use for early malignant tumors, especially papillary thyroid microcarcinoma. The technique used for treating malignant and benign thyroid nodules has some differences. When ablating benign nodules, we should respect the limits of the nodules respecting the normal tissue around the nodule. However, when we are ablating small thyroid cancer, we need to treat not only the tumor but also the surrounding area as a safety margin, which gives the wrong impression that the nodule grew after the RFA in the control ultrasound. Here we will discuss the indications, follow-up details, results, and perspectives of RFA in treating papillary thyroid microcarcinomas.

Pooja Das

Pooja Das


Title: Mucormycosis of the middle ear: A case report


Mucor is a saprophytic organism and commonly invades the nose and paranasal sinuses of immunocompromised and dia­betic patients. The initial presentation may be with pain and foul-smelling discharge that is unresponsive to regular treatment. The invasive variety of mucormycosis is seen mostly in diabetic patients. Middle ear involvement is extremely uncommon. Early diagnosis based on strong clinical suspicion with radical debridement in the early setting under amphotericin cover offers a suitable management option.

We present a case report of an elderly male who presented with foul-smelling otorrhoea with left facial palsy, the patient was further investigated and KOH mount revealed growth of mucor species, further patient was planned for mastoid exploration under cover of Amphotericin at postoperative period.


Pooja Das is a final year post-graduate resident pursuing her degree as master of surgery in Otorhinolaryngology at SGT Medical College, Hospital and Research Institute, Gurugram, India. She has completed her MBBS(undergraduate degree) from D.Y. Patil Medical College, Kolhapur, Maharashtra. After her graduation, she has a completed internship at a Government Hospital in Chandigarh after which she has 2 years of experience as a resident medical officer in a reputed corporate hospital in Delhi and Chandigarh. She has experience in handling critical patients in ICU and CCU for 6 months and has also gained experience in handling COVID 19 patients. In the extracurricular aspect, She was a state-level Classical dancer and has completed graduation in three forms of Indian Classical dance, She has represented my state in many national platforms and gained much popularity.