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August 26, 2021    New York, USA

Webinar on Nursing Research and Healthcare

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Shoaib Shabbir

Title: Clinical Nursing Research and Practices


Continuing education and professional development has become a popular term among many professional groups in recent years. However, in recent years the professional organizations are exploring continuing professional development to monitor accountability and clinical competence. The aim of this study was to examine the knowledge, attitude and practice of clinical nurses towards continuing professional development and whether they will be keen to participate in such activities. This study was a prospective hospital base cross-sectional study involving clinical nurses from selected public hospitals in Douala. A total of 202 nurses were conveniently selected. Data was collected through structured self-administered questionnaires for two weeks, entered via Epidata 3.1 and analyzed with SPSS version 21.0, considering CI of 95% with P <0.05 for statistical significance. Authorizations were gotten from Alpha Higher Institute, Regional delegation of health for Littoral and Laquintinie Hospital respectively. Findings revealed that 98.0% of the nurses had ever heard of CPD, but only 59.9% could correctly define it. Most of them, 95.0% agrees that a nurse achieves competence through active CPD practices with just 44.1% that had attended CPD seminars for the past three years. There was a statistical association between clinical nurses that have heard of CPD and those who perceive it to be necessary for nurses. There was adequate knowledge, awareness and positive perception towards CPD among clinical nurses in public hospitals in Douala, yet just a few engage in CPD programs.


Eunice is a clinical nurse from Cameroon, Working in the Intensive Care unit, has completed her Bachelor’s degree in Nursing from Biaka University Institute under the Mentorship of the University of Buea. She is currently doing her Master’s degree in Infection Control and Prevention.