December 05, 2020    London, UK

Webinar on Mobile Computing

December 05, 2020

Webinar on Mobile Computing

Future of Mobile is the Future of Everything

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Webinar on Mobile Computing is hosted on January 29, 2021, at (GMT+1). The panel of speakers will be delivering their presentations on their recent research related to the "A Panoptic Vision on the Innovations in Wireless Communication" Mobile Computing world.  London invites all experts to be a part of this webinar series and make it a perfect platform for knowledge sharing and networking Mobile Computing Meet 2021 covers a wide range of topics related to innovation. Mobile computing application while focusing on wireless communication and Artificial Intelligence. This webinar includes Keynote presentations, Oral talks, Poster Presentations, and Video Presentations.

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A space-based satellite navigation system that provides location and time information in all weather conditions, anywhere on or near the earth is Global Positioning System (GPS). The network of devices used to locate people where GPS and other satellite technologies lack precision or fail entirely, such as inside airports, alleys is an indoor positioning system (IPS).

Indoor positioning can be broadly classified into Magnetic positioning, SLAM, radio waves, mobile sensors, RFID. However, it must be mentioned that there is no standard way to build an IPS. A company may use Wi-Fi Triangulation, Bluetooth, Beacons, Near Field Communication (NFC), infrared, indoor mapping, sensors or even acoustic analysis LED lighting, and “pedestrian dead reckoning,” among others to determine a person’s position in a building. And since no one technology is ubiquitous, companies are using multiple technologies in their products Naturally, in a world of increasing customer intimacy, venue-based marketing strategies and increasing demand for location-based services and application by smartphone users, the rise of indoor positioning services (IPS) is but obvious.

5G implies the going with crucial time of adaptable media interchanges standards past the current 4G/IMT-Advanced models. 5G increase the speed what 4G offer. Remote and media transmission meetings will incorporate an exhaustive particular program offering different specific meetings with papers showing latest advancements, applications and administrations. 5G should be taken off by 2020 to satisfy business and buyer needs. Despite giving simply snappier velocities, they anticipate that 5G arranges additionally should address the issues of new use cases, for instance, the Internet of Things just as communicate like administrations and life saver correspondence in middle of catastrophic event. Regardless of the way that refreshed models that describe capacities past those portrayed in the current 4G guidelines are getting looked at, those new capacities are up till now being accumulated under the current ITU-T 4G measures.

In actuality, a mobile network and a wireless network are two different types of networks. A mobile network can be defined as a communications network that is spread out over an immense land area around the world, connected wirelessly by transceivers at fixed locations that are known as cell sites or base stations.

Distributed computing is the on-request accessibility of PC framework assets, particularly information stockpiling and figuring power, without direct dynamic administration by the client. The term is commonly used to portray server farms accessible to numerous clients over the Internet. Huge mists, dominating today, frequently have capacities dispersed over various areas from focal servers. On the off chance that the association with the client is moderately close, it might be assigned an edge server.

Mists might be constrained to a solitary association (endeavor clouds), or be accessible to numerous associations (open cloud). Distributed computing depends on sharing of assets to accomplish cognizance and economies of scale.

  • Cloud engineering
  • Cloud architecture
  • Personal cloud
  • Mobile cloud computing
  • Cloud research
  • Cloud management

  • Mobile Cloud Computing

The Cloud Security track includes sessions on the security aspects of using and leveraging cloud services, virtualization technologies/services, segmentation, deployment models, network function virtualization, and hybrid architectures.

Despite the proliferation of new tools for data computation and data security, there will be a massive lack of good data scientists and cybersecurity professionals. We have a massive wealth of data on threats but we have little in the way of proactive prevention of threats – but this will change.

Ethical Hacking Penetration testing Hacking the system in an ethical way to discover vulnerabilities of the system. Formal procedure to discover security vulnerabilities, flaws and risks. Conducted to identify flaws and prevent real-time hacking. Conducted to strengthen their corporate defense systems.

Today, most of the communication system (i.e. for data transmission) uses wireless communication which is the extension version of wire communication system. Wired connections are slowly replaced by wireless technologies. Development of new wireless technologies has helped to fetch out many new ideas and applications to society. Wireless Communication defines transmission of data by using free space as a medium device. Data can be transmitted in the form of Electro-Magnetic waves through free space. It permits users to establish communication from remote areas as well.

The first websites were simple pages of text with maybe an image or two. Today, however, anyone with a fast enough Internet connection can stream high-definition movies or make a video call over the Internet. This is possible because of a technology called streaming.

Video streaming has received much attention for some time now, and its popularity has grown manifold in the last decade, particularly with the deployment of widely known video streaming services, such as YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, Daily Motion, and others. Video streaming now accounts for a large share of the total traffic the Internet, and as such, the transmission mechanisms used by video servers have an impact not only on the quality of the video presentation to the clients but also on the total traffic impact on the network

The sensing system for work pieces can consist of a single sensor or a network of sensors in combination with miniature electronic devices that allow the signal processing and the communication with an industrial PC. Sensors Update is the unique source of reviews that keep you up to date on the latest developments in materials, design, production, and application of sensors, signal detection  and  processing, as well as new sensing principles.

eBook - Electronic Distribution of Information and Content on Electronic.

ePaper - Adobe's platform-independent technology to transfer electronic documents to mobile workers using multiple devices.

Ultra-Wideband Wireless Networking - new technology experiments beyond 3G - advantage with ultra- wideband is wider bandwidth and therefore, higher speed. This is of interest to wireless technology development companies at this time.

The latest generation of smartphones comes with a panoply of apps to get you started, from email and photography to navigation, weather, and video-calling services. But every one of those default apps has at least one alternative on the app store, and there are often dozens more that can represent a big upgrade. sleep cycle etc.., static updates strategies, dynamic update strategies.



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