April 28, 2021    Dubai, UAE

Webinar on Materials science and chemistry

April 28, 2021

Webinar on Materials science and chemistry

Revitalizing Innovations in Materials Science and Nanotechnology

Briefly Know About This Event

Longdom conferences welcomes you to attend “Webinar on Advanced Materials and Research” during December 12, 2020 at Dubai, UAE. We cordially invite all the participants interested in sharing their knowledge and research in the arena of material science and nanotechnology.

Material Research 2020 conference theme is “Revitalizing Innovations in Material Science and Nanotechnology” which aims to provide a platform for material science researchers, scientists, industrialists, policy makers, and academicians to exchange and share their experiences and research results about all aspects of material science.


Unmistakable geophysical and social weights are giving a move from standard oil subsidiaries to limitless and supportable essentialness sources. We should make the materials that will support new essentialness progresses. Solar energy based imperativeness is a best need of the division, and we are giving expansive resources for making photovoltaic cells that are both more capable and less over the top than current development. We also have expansive research around forefront battery development. Materials execution lies at the center of the change and progression of proficient power imperativeness propels and computational methods right now accept an essential part in showing and predicting the properties of complex materials.


Materials Chemistry gives the hover between atomic, sub-nuclear and super sub-nuclear direct and the accommodating properties of a material. It lies at the focal point of different substance using endeavors. This game plans with the atomic centers of the materials, and how they are sorted out to give particles, valuable stones, et cetera. A considerable amount of properties of electrical, appealing particles and engineered materials create from this level of structure. The length scales included are in angstroms. The way by which the particles and iotas are braced and formed is main to think the properties and direct of any material. The figure for R&D improvement in the engineered and impelled materials industry demonstrates the upgrading overall economy and the key markets.

Nanomaterials are high importance nowadays in most fields such as Medicine, Chemotherapy, Drug delivery, Manufacturing processes, Paints, etc., because of their novel characteristics like increased strength, Chemical reactivity or conductivity. Artificially made nanomaterials are those which are engineered for an intention with the physio-chemical properties for a specific purpose or function. The methods of preparing nanomaterials also differ based on the purpose. Nanotechnology is highly used in detecting devices as their nanostructure with greater surface area per weight allows the electrical properties of the detecting elements to be changed easily. Nanotechnology controls matter at the atomic and molecular scale. Several applications of nanomaterials are used extensively in catalysis to spice up up chemical reactions.

Advanced Materials for Energy for energy sources, have to be compelled to build new discoveries for catalysts to convert feedstock’s into fuels, new architectures for higher star cells DSSC’s and materials for advanced energy storage, as well as metallic element batteries.New advanced materials area unit key to breakthroughs in biology, the setting, energy, transportation, and national security.Energy Materials area unit creating revolutionary advances within the science of materials discovery and synthesis.

Nano Technology and Photonics Communication. Nano technology is that the branch of computing engineering that aims at miniaturization of gadgets. Nano technology believes in realigning atomics structure as to bring in maximum benefits and increase the efficiency levels of a gadget. This technology is immensely used in medicine, communication and automobile industry. Nanotechnology ropes in desired effect without spoiling or damaging the surrounding environment or tissue. Nanotechnology can also help immensely in rescue operations.

The potentiality of a nation to harness nature additionally as its ability to cope up with the challenges posed by it's determined by its complete understanding of materials and its ability to boost and turn out them for various applications.Advanced Materials ar at the most a part of several technological developments that bit our lives.Advanced materials have an important role to play within the future years due to its multiple functions and may be of a bigger facilitate for whole humanity.

Electronic materials for communication and data technology, optical fibers, optical maser fibers sensors for the intelligent surroundings, energy materials for renewable energy and surroundings, lightweight alloys for higher transportation and materials for strategic applications.

Smart materials square measure designed materials that have one or a lot of properties which will be considerably modified in a very controlled fashion by external stimuli, like stress, moisture,electrical or magnetic fields, light, temperature, pH or chemical compounds causes transformation of their material property.sensible Materials square measure the premise of the various applications at the side of sensors and actuators, or artificial muscles, considerably as electrically activated polymers.



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