December 28, 2020    London, UK

3rd Webinar on Nursing and Women Health Science

December 28, 2020

3rd Webinar on Nursing and Women Health Science

Innovative Ideas and Approaches in Nursing and Women Health Science

Briefly Know About This Event

3rd Webinar on Women Health Science and Care will be hosted on Feb 18, 2021 (IST +4). Panel of speakers will be delivering their presentations on their recent research related to Women Health Science and Care. Current state of knowledge, its impact on future will be discussed in detailed. Longdom invites all experts to be part this webinar series and make it a perfect platform for knowledge sharing and networking.


Nursing Education is a practical and theoretical training to the nurses and prepares them for their professional duties. The training and education is taught by experienced nurses and medical professional who are qualified in the respective fields. The courses range from general nursing to mental health nursing, pediatric nursing, post-operatory nursing, and many more. Various Universities offer Bachelor’s, Master’s, Doctorates and Diploma courses in Nursing.

Each category of nursing courses will bring in specialized knowledge and skills to healthcare teams and workplaces. There are different types of Nursing like Registered Nurse, Nurse Practitioner, Employed Student Nurse, and Licensed Graduate Nurse. Apart from these there are many more types of nursing specializations which can be done on a certification basis like, Cardiovascular Nursing, Emergency Nursing, Gastroenterology Nursing, Gerontological Nursing, Hospice Palliative Care Nursing, Oncology Nursing, Rehabilitation Nursing, and many more. All these are processed with a bachelor’s, masters and doctoral programs depending on the individual’s interest.

  • Cancer and Tumor Nursing
  • Cardiovascular Nursing
  • Pediatric Nursing
  • Midwifery Nursing
  • Surgical Nursing
  • Veterinary Nursing
  • Critical Care and Emergency Nursing
  • Women Health Nursing
  • Disaster Nursing
  • Mental Health Nursing
  • Geriatric Nursing
  • Travel Nurse

Nursing may be a profession inside the health care sector centred on the care of people, families, and communities in order that they might attain, maintain, or   recover best health and quality of life. Many nurses offer care inside the ordering scope of physicians, and this ancient role has formed the general public image of nurses as care suppliers. Nurses develop a thought of care, operative collaboratively with physicians, therapists, the patient, the patient's family and various team members that target treating malady to reinforce quality of life. Advanced apply nurses, like clinical nurse specialists and diagnose health issues and visit medications and alternative therapies, depending on individual state regulations. A health system, additionally typically spoken as health care system or care system is that the organization of individuals, establishments, and resources that deliver health care services to fulfil the health needs of target populations. 

  • Quality and Safety of Nursing Care
  • Utilization of it in Nursing Management
  • Nursing Outcome Study
  • Developments and changes in Nursing Management
  • Basic leadership Competency Training
  • Graduate Nursing Education change

Healthcare offerings are costlier than ever, world populace is getting older and the numbers of chronic diseases are on a rise. What we are coming near is a world where simple healthcare would become out of reach to most people, a massive section of society would go unproductive owing to old age and human beings would be extra susceptible to chronic disease. While science can’t quit the population from ageing or eradicate continual illnesses at once, it can at least make healthcare easier on a pocket and in time period of accessibility. A new paradigm, known as the Internet of Things (IoT), has an huge applicability in numerous areas, along with healthcare. The full application of this paradigm in healthcare region is a mutual hope because it allows clinical centers to function greater safely and patients to obtain better treatment. With the use of this technology-based healthcare method, there are unparalleled benefits which could improve the quality and efficiency of treatments and for this reason enhance the fitness of the patients. Medical diagnostic consumes a massive section of health center bills. Technology can go the routines of scientific assessments from a hospital (hospital-centric) to the patient’s domestic (home-centric).

  • Clinical Nursing Techniques
  • Clinical Nursing Practice
  • Quality and Safety of Nursing Care
  • Innovations and reforms in Nursing Management
  • Clinical Nurse specialist
  • Physiotherapists
  • Medicinal services for cardiovascular infections

Nurses are the health workers most frequently found providing primary health care services in rural communities throughout the world. In these settings, often with limited resources and far from professional support systems, nurses may encounter ethical dilemmas quite different from those experienced by their colleagues in urban hospital settings. Consider the following example from a remote island community. A young nurse with two years’ experience in an urban hospital is posted to a remote village. In this country there are very few doctors, so nurses diagnose and treat common health problems.

  • Rural Medicine
  • Nursing Service
  • Health Care Laws
  • Health Determinants
  • Role of Legal Nursing
  • Legal Nurse in end of Life Care
  • Involvement of Nurses in change of Health Policies

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