February 12, 2021    London, UK

1st Webinar on Forensic Medicine

February 12, 2021

1st Webinar on Forensic Medicine

To explore the recent advances in Forensic Medicine

Briefly Know About This Event

Longdom Conferences invites all experts to be part this webinar series 1st webinar on Business and Marketing Strategy scheduled on Feb 12, 2021. It is focusing on the theme “Modern Trends in Business Strategy  Panel of speakers will be delivering their presentations on their recent research related to Business Objectives, Marketing priorities, Marketing strategy, Marketing Goals, Marketing management and its applications will be discussed in detailed.
marketing strategy refers to a business's overall game plan for reaching prospective consumers and turning them into customers of their products or services. A marketing strategy contains the company's value proposition, key brand messaging, data on target customer demographics, and other high-level elements.


The branch of medicine dealing with the application of medical knowledge to establish facts in civil or criminal legal cases, such as an investigation into the cause and time of a suspicious death. Also known as forensic pathology

Forensic science is the general term used for all of the scientific processes involved in solving a crime. Some types of forensic science include:
  • DNA coding
  • Toxicology (drugs and the effects)
  • Serology (bodily fluids)
  • Ballistics (everything related to firearms)

Forensic biology is the application of biology to associate a person(s), whether suspect or victim, to a location, an item (or collection of items), another person (victim or suspect, respectively). It can be utilized to further investigations for both criminal and civil cases.

Ultimately, it is the forensic pathologist’s job to find out cause-of-death, especially when it is suspected that the death was not due to natural causes. They perform an autopsy, which involves observing both the outside and inside of the victim. On the outside there may be signs of blows, bruises, bullet entry points, or asphyxia. On the inside, the pathologist will look at things like the organs and stomach contents. By observing these things, a pathologist can determine whether the death was a suicide, murder, or due to natural causes.

Forensic graphologists study the handwriting on ransom notes, poison pen letters, suicide notes, and blackmail demands. Though age and gender cannot be determined by handwriting alone, it can indicate the writer’s state of mind at the time the note was penned. Handwriting can give insights about:
  • Mood
  • Motivation
  • Integrity
  • Intelligence
  • Emotional stability

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