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April 15, 2021    ,

Webinar on Dental Health

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Saransh Srivastava
09:00 AM-09:30 AM

Saransh Srivastava

Sharda University India

Title: A Boon To Regeneration: Autogenous Dentin Graft


Aims: To compare the efficacy of local anesthetic gel & spray in the reduction of pain on periodontal probing in a group of individuals with untreated chronic periodontitis.
Methods and Materials: Thirty participants meeting the inclusion criteria were included in the study and had full-mouth periodontal probing done at six sites per tooth. The participants were divided into 2 groups: Group I; 15 patients with LOX 2% gel and Group II; 15 patients were assessed with LIGNOCAINE spray . Intra group comparison was done using paired t-test and Analysis of Variance was done for inter group comparison.
Statistical Analysis: Two way analysis of variance (ANOVA) and the significance of mean difference within (intra) and between (inter) groups was done by Tukey’s HSD (honestly significant difference) post hoc test.
Results: The pre and post VAS score of the two groups over the periods were recorded of 2 min & 5 min . In Group I, the mean VAS at 2 min decreases comparatively from the base-line & remained lower significantly at 5 min as compared to the baseline. In contrast, in Group II, it decreased comparatively at 2 min but increases at 5 min and reaches almost the baseline value.
Conclusions: For early pain relief, study found LOX 2% gel more effective than LIGNOCAINE SPRAY in the reduction of pain on periodontal probing in individuals with untreated chronic periodontitis.


Saransh Srivastava as done his graduation from Krishna Dental College, India in 2015 and post graduation in Periodontology from Sardar Patel Post Graduate Institute Of Dental & Medical Sciences, Lucknow, India in 2018. He has received an award and certificate for securing 1st position in the specialty of Periodontology in MDS examination. He has attended various national and international conferences and presented various research papers in the same. He has various publications in national journals & appointed as a reviewer in national journal. Presently working as a Assistant professor in School Of Dental Sciences, Sharda University & Running his own dental practice successfully in India.

Priyanka Tiwari
09:30 AM-10:00 AM

Priyanka Tiwari

Sumandeep Vidhyapeeth University India

Title: New Insights of Molecular Dentistry in Dental Management and Oral Biology


Introduction: In dentistry, the hereditary factors involvement in caries, oral cancer, periodontal diseases, malformation of the teeth, congenially missing teeth or common oral disorders are becoming highly evident in dentistry together with the collaboration of systematic genetic disease on oral health care. Gene therapy has been introduced for dental management. Molecular dentistry and utilization of genes is being used to treat & manage various dental aspects such as regeneration & repair of teeth, orofacial pain, bone repair, cancer management and orthodontic tooth movement. All this information will help a dentist in proposing effective prevention & treatment protocol for oral diseases. This review demonstrates various links between genetic predisposition and effect on dental & oral issues. 
Conclusion: The use of dental genetic and molecular techniques might develop in the future. The focus will be on targeting genetics to regenerate dental tissues rather than repair those using dental materials. 


Priyanka Tiwari did her Bachelor’s in Dental Surgery (BDS) and Master’s in Dental Surgery (MDS) in Prosthodontics from India. Completed a Certificate course on Medical Affairs in 2020 from Singapore Duke-NUS Medical University. She has 6 years of experience including teaching & clinical in various eminent hospitals, college and clinics. She practices Prosthodontics as well as general dentistry. She was invited to appear LIVE twice on GSTV channel in the program name YES DOCTOR SHOW in July 2014 & September 2014. She recently got Young Scientist Award 2019-2020 from VD GOOD organisation. She has 8 publications in various national & international journals. She has done 3 researches. She is a part of reputed associations in India i.e. Indian Dental Association (IDA) and Indian Prosthodontic Society (IPS). She was also invited in 2018 as a speaker & Chairperson in 2 international conferences to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and Bali, Indonesia. She has been invited in 2020 to become a Speaker in 3 International Conference. She was also a Keynote speaker in conference. Finally, she is also a Reviewer to 11 national & international journals. Editorial board member in 11 international journals.