July 17, 2020    London, UK

Webinar on Business Management and Economics

July 17, 2020

Webinar on Business Management and Economics

Start a Day with new Business Strategy

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Webinar on Business Management and Economics will be hosted on July 17, 2020 in  London, UK. Panel of speakers will be delivering their presentations on their recent research related to  Business Management and Economics Policies. Current state of knowledge, its impact on future will be discussed in detailed. Longdom invites all experts to be part this webinar series and make it a perfect platform for knowledge sharing and networking.


Half of the people that meant to be academic Entrepreneurs are Scientist, Graduates, and Students of the schools etc. They tend to start a business based on their studies, research works etc. They tend to convert the results of their studies to money. These academic entrepreneurs are funded by the schools , to try to to this type of innovative stuff. After the successful completion of the business projects, the schools are going to be the partners of the actual business also. This academic Entrepreneurship is a boon to the academicians who want to pursue their dream of being an entrepreneur. Even though it's sort of a foot in two worlds but the last word results of being a tutorial entrepreneur are going to be great.

According to a research it is stated 1/3 of all the entrepreneurs in the world are women. It might be just a small number but the outcome is different. Women entrepreneurs are tending to generate high economic growth rate. They often face gender-based barriers like marital status, cultural practices, inherent laws etc. Still, they stand up for what they want to be. This also strengthens Women empowerment

The time gap between sharing your idea of starting a business should be spent over studying the concepts of the business and marketing helps us to analyze whether our idea is innovative? the area to start out the companies , time when to use for the funding, when getting into new markets etc. Second thing thinking of how your idea are going to be helpful to the purchasers . The major study should be done on the sort of consumers who get interested in the thought . Basically, there are 3 types of customers. They are purchasers(Those influences the purchases), End-users (Who usually interacts with you and use the product). This study directs the growth of your business. Later you need to concentrate on the competitors in the field. This study gives a transparent idea of how you'd tailor your growth when competing with each group. The last point to be noted is the Collaborators who support your idea but aren’t paid or rewarded for that. So making these studies will be helpful for the growth of your idea into a business.

The economic policy of governments covers the systems for setting levels of taxation, government budgets, the money supply and interest rates as well as the labour market, national ownership, and many other areas of government interventions into the economy.Most factors of economic policy can be divided into either fiscal policy, which deals with government actions regarding taxation and spending, or monetary policy, which deals with central banking actions regarding the money supply and interest rates.Such policies are often influenced by international institutions like the International Monetary Fund or World Bank as well as political beliefs and the consequent policies of parties.

Start-up is defined as a newly emerged business to satisfy the market needs. The percentage of risk for this is very high. It mainly revolves round the creative ideas, thoughts, discovering new products, new services etc. Then committing the right team to improve the idea to work is the key step of a start-up. The successful journey of the team on the main idea and working collectively also plays a key role in the success of the start-up. Then comes the main thing called financial support. In the US alone a large number of campus entrepreneurship programmes are offered in universities, based on this about 27 million people are running their own business in the US topping the Global Entrepreneurship Index. Now a day's financial support for a start-up had become very easy by the esteemed support of the banks, financial institutions etc. Then the right market timing to release the merchandise also plays an important role within the success of the new company. Validating the results to draw in additional resources via investments, Revenue shares etc. increases the scope of the company.

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