August 26, 2021    London, UK

Webinar on

3D Technology and Drone Technology

August 26, 2021   10:00 AM GMT  
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Webinar on

3D Technology and Drone Technology

Exploring Advances in 3D Technology

Briefly Know About This Event

Longdom Conferences extend our immense pleasure and are honored to invite you to attend the “Webinar on Future trends of 3D Technology and Drone Technology” scheduled on August 26, 2021 | GMT+1. It is focusing on the theme “Exploring Advances in 3D Technology" to enhance and explore knowledge among academics and industry personnel dealing with 3D Technology, Drone Technology, and its related subjects. Our conference agenda is to provide the right stage to present stimulating keynote talks, scientific sessions, discussion panels,  poster presentations, young researcher’s forums, video presentations.


3D design is the process of using software to create a mathematical representation of a 3-dimensional object or shape. The created object is called a 3D model and these 3-dimensional models are used for computer-generated (CG) design. 3D design is used in a variety of industries to help artists shape, communicate, document, analyze, and share their ideas.

  • 3D CAD
  • 3D Modeling
  • Visual Effects
  • Product Design
  • Building Information Modeling
  • Virtual Reality

Advanced technologies for 3D printing and additive manufacturing and how these technologies have changed the face of direct, digital technologies for rapid production of models, prototypes and patterns. Because of its wide applications, 3D printing and additive manufacturing technology has become a powerful new industrial revolution in the field of manufacturing. The evolution of 3D printing and additive manufacturing technologies has changed design, engineering and manufacturing processes across industries such as consumer products, aerospace, medical devices and automotive. The objective of this book is to help designers, R&D personnel, and practicing engineers understand the state-of-the-art developments in the field of 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing.  

  • Challenges in Scanning Imaging of 3D structure
  • Challenges in Modelling Designing of 3D structure

Three-Dimensional Imaging, Visualization, and Display describes recent developments, as well as the prospects and challenges facing 3D imaging, visualization, and display systems and devices. With the rapid advances in electronics, hardware, and software, 3D imaging techniques can now be implemented with commercially available components and can be used for many applications. 

Metal 3d printing otherwise called metal added substance Manufacturing (AM) Furthermore immediate Metal laser Sintering (DMLS) which parts would an laser fusing together secondary execution metals, layer by layer. 

A drone, in technological terms, is an unmanned aircraft. Drones are more formally known as unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) or unmanned aircraft systems (UASes). Essentially, a drone is a flying robot that can be remotely controlled or fly autonomously through software-controlled flight plans in their embedded systems, working in conjunction with onboard sensors and GPS.

In the recent past, UAVs were most often associated with the military, where they were used initially for anti-aircraft target practice, intelligence gathering and then, more controversially, as weapons platforms. Drones are now also used in a wide range of civilian roles ranging from search and rescue, surveillance, traffic monitoring, weather monitoring and firefighting, to personal drones and business drone-based photography, as well as videography, agriculture and even delivery services.

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