Sep 04-06, 2019    Tokyo, Japan

Advancements in Glycobiology and Nucleic Acids

Glycobiology in wider aspects includes the study of structure, function and biology of carbohydrates, biosynthesis related to sugars and saccharides. Recently Glycobiology is fast emerging as a preliminary field of interest for biomedical and bimolecular research around the world. It is the growing field in the area of research related to biomolecules which mainly includes the study of different metabolic pathways, along with the prediction of the various structures of sugar related biomolecules and many others etc.

Glycobiology is one of the most important and exciting meetings in the field of glycoconjugate research. It provides a unique platform to present the recent developments in the field and to discuss in a collegial setting the latest findings in our multidisciplinary area of research.Glycoconjugates are crucial carriers of biological information and their structural diversity uniquely qualifies them to mediate interactions between molecules, cells and organisms. This meeting will focus on the biosynthesis and complex roles of glycans in a variety of living systems and processes, including human physiology and pathology, as well as on technologies to understand and exploit glycan functions.

Speakers Interview