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Frontiers in Nanotechnology and Nanomaterials

Restabilising Innovation in nanotechnology for a conceivable future
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LONGDOM Conferences will offer delegates the opportunity to be fully briefgedon  the current situation within the optical communication system and gain an update on the latest developments in terms of technical policy and funding.

Nanotechnology - 2020 conference theme is “Restabilising Innovation in nanotechnology for a conceivable future” which aims to provide a platform for clean energy researchers, scientists, industrialists, policy makers, energy economists and academicians to exchange and share their experiences and research results about all aspects of Nanotechnology. Providing the right stage to present stimulating Keynote talks, Plenary sessions, Discussion Panels, B2B Meetings, Poster symposia, Video Presentations, and Workshops.



Nanotechnology incorporates science, designing and change and includes imaging, measuring, exhibit, and controlling matter at the Nano scale. The promotion of absorbing Nano scale structures can   perhaps upset industry, including hardware, pharmaceutical, and customer items. Using Nanotechnology, substance can successfully be made stronger, lighter, more   long-lasting, more reactive, more sieve-like, or better electrical conductors, among many other traits. Many everyday commercial products are currently on the market and in daily use that relies on Nano scale material processes.

Nano science and technology

Nano Science is an innovation led at the Nano scale. It is the applications and study associated with small things that can be utilized around the various fields of science, similar to biology, designing, physics, chemistry and Materials sciences. These particles have capacity to control single atoms and molecules. Nanotechnology has a gigantic potential to give technological explanations for various issues in science, vitality, material science, conditional and medicinal fields.

Molecular Nanotechnology

Molecular Nanotechnology is a technological  rebellion which seeks nothing less than perfectibility. Molecular manufacturing technology can be polished and self-contained. Molecular Nano manufacturing will steadily transform our connection towards substance and molecules as clear as the computer changed our relationship to statistics and bits. It will help  precise, inexpensive control of the structure of matter.

 Advanced  Nanomaterial.

The nanomaterial is distinguishing as substances of which a solitary unit is measured 1 and 1000 nanometres yet is generally 1-100 nm. substances with structure at the Nano scale regularly have one of a kind optical, electronic, or mechanical belonging. Nanomaterial’s inquiries about adopting the approaches related to materials science and nanotechnology

Nano-electronics and photonics.

Nanoelectronics clasp a few answers for how we might enlarge the capabilities of electronics gadget when we decrease their weight and power utilization. Nano electronics and technology are widely used in all feature of modern life. Life Safety, Healthcare, Transportation, Computing, Energy and Telecommunications are some of the major fields benefiting from the growth of Nano electronic approach.

Nano photonics is the research of deportment of light on the nanometre scale and it is also called as Nano-optics. It is the interplay of the nanometre-scale article with light. It is one of the branches of nanotechnology, optics and optical engineering, It requires metallic components, which has the capacity to transport and focus light via surface Plasmon Polari tons. The term Nano-optics is just like the term optics and it is usually worried about ultraviolet, visible, & near-infrared light. The free-space wavelength is through

Nano chemistry

Nano chemistry unites naturally Nano science and chemistry. It works from the atom up, with the point of engineering Nano-sized materials. They utilize numerous methods to formulate and gather small pieces of matter which designate special magnetic, electronic, optical, chemical and mechanical activity attributable only to their nanometre size. This science uses almost from synthetic chemistry and the materials chemistry to acquire nanomaterial with particular sizes, shapes, surface properties, deformities, self-gathering properties, deliberate to fulfill particular capacities and utilize. Nanomaterial can be made from for all intent and motive of any material, for example, metals, semiconductors, and polymers, both in their indistinct and crystalline composition. Its strategy can be employed to make carbon nanomaterial, for example, carbon nanotubes (CNT), graphene and fullerenes which have picked up considerably as of recently since of their mechanical and electrical belongings

Nanotechnology in tissue engineering

Tissue engineering is the utilize of a grouping of cells, engineering and materials methods, and suitable biochemical and physicochemical constituent to enlarge or replace biological tissues. Tissue engineering incorporates the utilize of a scaffold for the creation of innovative feasible tissue for a medical determination. While it was once characterized as a sub-field of biomaterials, having developed in scope and importance and it can be considered as a field in its own.

Nano Pharmaceuticals

Pharmaceutical Nanotechnology establishes system deals with emerging new technologies for developing customized solutions for drug delivery systems. The drug delivery system positively collision the rate of absorption, distribution, metabolism, and excretion of the drug or other interconnected chemical substances in the body. In incorporation to this, the drug delivery system also permits the drug to bind to its target receptor and influence that receptor’s signalling and activity. Pharmaceutical nanotechnology squeeze applications of Nano science to the pharmacy as nanomaterial, and as implement like drug delivery, diagnostic, imaging, and biosensor.

Nano materials 

 Nanomaterial are the constituent that has at least one spatial measurement in the size span of 1 to 100 nanometres. Nanomaterial can be manufactured with various modulation dimensions. It can be a  non-identical nanostructure, such as quantum dots, Nano crystals, atomic clusters, nanotubes, and nanowires, stretch the collection of nanostructures incorporate matrices, set  &  super nets of disparate nanostructures. The chemical and physical belongings of nanomaterial can separate considerably from bulk or molecular atomic materials of the self-same composition. The uniqueness of the structural characteristics, dynamics, chemistry, acknowledgment and energy of the nanostructure are the basis of Nano science. This conference provides a novel scope to know the understanding of the nanomaterial and nanotechnology and also regarding  the innovatory promotion in the field of nanomaterial

Nanotechnology and environment

The environmental clash of nanotechnology is the feasible ways to utilize the Nano technological Products and gadget on the environment and can be categorized into two aspects: the potential for Nano technological alteration to assist and improve the environment and the possibly novel kind of impurity that Nano technological materials might source if released into the environment. Nano toxicology is the field which learning regarding potential health risks of nanomaterial. The exceedingly little size of nanomaterial is taken up by the human figure than huge sized particles. On the other hand Nano technological products, processes and appeal are taking significantly to environmental and weather protection. Green nanotechnology utilizes green chemistry and green engineering to make nanomaterial and Nanotechnology belongings.

Nano biotechnology and Nano toxicology

It is one of the most recently materialize subjects of science and refers to an interplay between nanotechnology and biology which has a Hellenic micro-technology which is amalgamate in the biological approach. It has been executing in new devices which are useful in the field of medicine, electronics, biomaterials, and energy production. Other topics which are connected to Nano biology is Nano photonics which is been used to operate the processes in Living cells. solicitation of Nano biotechnology is Nano medicine, Agriculture, and bio nanotechnology. This flew has a diversity of researches in computational approaches, x-ray diffraction tools, experimental tools.  The study of the toxicity of Nanomaterial is Nano toxicology. Nano toxicology has the more risk component to human beings and also to the environment. These are Nanoparticles which will be fine; pore size comfortably goes through dermal, gastrointestinal, and respiratory. These causes oxidative stress, inflammatory cytokine production and cell death in human beings. The mechanisms of toxicity are oxidative stress, cytotoxicity, genotoxicity.

Quantum mechanical

Quantum.Tech is the first conference & exhibition covering the emerging commercial applications of quantum technologies. Tackling the spectrum of quantum technology, from quantum computing to sensing & metrology and secure communications & cryptography, this global forum will help Fortune 1000 enterprises understand and navigate the quantum landscape, assess risks and opportunities, and help senior executives build a roadmap for quantum readiness.

DNA Nanotechnology

The capability of DNA to self–assemble into a diversity of nanostructures and Nano machines is the spotlight in a growing number of papers in Nature Nanotechnology. The appeal of DNA to Nano scientists is threefold: first, it is a natural Nano scale material; second, a large number of techniques for studying DNA are already available; and third, its ability to carry information can be used in the self–assembly process. DNA is also progressively being used to organize alternative nanomaterial, and the related field of RNA nanotechnology is beginning to appear. All this can be seen in the articles below.


Nanofabrication is the process to create little structures of micrometre scales and small-scale. Truly, the most punctual micro fabrication policy was utilized for incorporated circuit making, otherwise called "semiconductor assembling" or "semiconductor device manufacturer". In the most current two decades microelectromechanical frameworks (MEMS), Microsystems (European use), micro machines (Japanese phrasing) and their subfields, microfluidics/lab-on-a-chip, optical MEMS (likewise called MOEMS), RF MEMS, Power MEMS, Bio-MEMS and their expansion into Nanoscale (for instance NEMS, for microelectromechanical frameworks) have re-utilized, regulate or amplified micro fabrication blueprint. Level board shows and sun position cells are furthermore utilizing equivalent procedures. Scaling down of non-identical

Gadget presents challenges in many sectors of science and building: material science, science, materials science, software engineering, ultra-exactness building, manufacture procedures, and hardware outline. It is additionally offering to ascend to different sorts of interdisciplinary research. The remarkable plan and standards of microfabrication are microlithography, doping, fine movies, drawing, holding, and cleaning

Synthetic nanoparticles

The association of  Nanoparticles in a thin film shape is regularly important to render these utilitarian and operational. Two critical synthetic strategies. One is high-temperature warm disintegration and second is fluid interface response, reasonable for planning movies of numerous metal and metal oxide nanoparticles. Moreover, the use of a high-vitality ball processing and start plasma sintering process for the arrangement and preparing of nan composite powders into mass magnets are additionally highlighted.

Regulation of Nanotechnology

Because of the under way squabble on the inference of nanotechnology, there is important debate concerning whether nanotechnology or nanotechnology-based products quality special government regulation. This mainly relates to when to assess new substances proceeding to their release into the community, market and territoryNanotechnology refers to an accumulative number of commercially existing products – from socks and trousers to tennis racquets and cleaning cloths. Such nanotechnologies and their related industries have triggered calls for enlarged community involvement and effective regulatory arrangements.

Nanotechnology in Food

Nanotechnology is crossing numerous technology borderlines as scientists from disciplines such as chemistry, physics, and other pure science applications interact to link their researches together. Nanomaterial is also referred to as nanoparticles or nonfoods. Nanotechnology has begun to find its supplication in agriculture and the food industry. It has the potential to use enzymes to confer nutrition and health benefits. Companies are developing nanomaterial’s that will make difference not only in the taste of food but also in food safety and the health benefits food delivers. As of now the principal uses of nanotechnologies in food and drink supplication are in packing.


Nano medicine is a branch of drugs that applies the expertise and tools of nanotechnology inside the prevention and treatment of sicknesses. Nano medicine incorporate the use of Nano scale materials, which incorporate biocompatible nanoparticles and Nano robots, for recognition, delivery, observe or actuation reason in a living creature. Nano medicine seeks to supply a valuable set of studies tools and clinically useful gadgets within the close to destiny. The country wide Nanotechnology Initiative await new business applications within the pharmaceutical industry that can consist of higher-up drug shipping systems, new treatment scheme, and in vivo imaging.


A Nanorobot is a small-scale apparatus designed to accomplish a definite mission repetitively and with exactness at Nanoscale dimensions. more particularly, Nanorobotics (instead of microrobotics) refers back to the nanotechnology engineering subject of designing and building Nano robots. Nanomachines are largely in the research and improvement phase.


Nanoengineering is the application of engineering on the Nanoscale. It
obtain its name from the nanometer, a part of dimension parallel one billionth of a meter.

Nanoengineering is basically a synonym for nanotechnology, but emphasizes the engineering rather than the pure technological know-how elements of the sector.



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