May 13, 2019   Brussels, Belgium

International Conference on Nanomaterial Science and Nanotechnology

Future Era of Nanotechnology and Materials Science

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LONGDOM conferences will offer delegates the opportunity to be fully briefed on the current situation within the Nanomaterials and gain an update on the latest developments in terms of technical policy and funding.With more than 200 sessions, the LONGDOM conferences touch on nearly every topic, including key trends and emerging technologies. Get the big picture, the future landscape/deeper understanding of emerging technologies with LONGDOM conferences sessions.

The aspired candidates are requested to submit their research work which will be acutely scrutinized by the scientific committee of the conference and editorial board members of the respective journals.

We hope you will join us for a harmony of an owing experience, and take a little extra time to enjoy the spectacular and unique beauty of this region.This timely event will help support universities, research institutions and Industries in delivering world-class research and ensure they adhere to the developing assessment criteria.

Learn about the future direction for research funding and assessment as the government reviews of governance, structure and evaluation develop. 

The agenda includes practical learning sessions and leading stakeholder presentations designed to help higher education institutions improve outputs, processes, codes of practice and interdisciplinary research.

LONGDOM proffers our immense pleasure and honour in extending you a warm invitation to attend Nanomaterials Science 2019.
It is focusing on ‘European Congress on Nanotechnology and Materials Science Engineering’ to enhance and explore knowledge among Materials Science Departments, Nanotechnology Companies and to establish corporations and exchanging ideas.
Providing the right stage to present stimulating Keynote talks, Plenary sessions, Discussion Panels, B2B Meetings, Poster symposia, Video Presentations and Workshops.

Details of the Event:

Conference Name: "European Congress on Nanotechnology and Materials Science Engineering"

Place:  Brussels, Belgium.

Date: May 13-14, 2019


Learn more about the slighter known Nanomaterials 2019.

Hear about the strategies that are in place to overcome the challenges and improved outcomes. Gain an insight into the insights of public and the positive impacts on Nanomaterials 2019.
Benefit from a greater understanding of the importance of connectivity and its influence on promoting technical communities.Understand more about gambling addiction, its wide-reaching impact and the latest measures to help tackle the problem.Listen to examples of how Nanomaterials Science 2019 to develop or make products.Explore the prevalence of Nanomaterials Science 2019 system and its relationship with the world.

Nanomaterials Science Topics:
Nanoparticles | Advanced Nanomaterials | Nanotechnology applications | Nanomaterials Safety and regulations | Nanoscale materials | Scope of Nanomaterials | Nanomaterials Characterisation and Synthesis | Nanomedicine | Applications of Nanomaterials | Nanotech products | Nanodevices and Systems | Nanomedical Devices.



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Richard Limner | Conference Executive Manager 
Nanomaterials 2019

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