Scientific program

Oct 22-23, 2021    Paris, France
International Conference on

Green Energy

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Keynote Forum

Jin Su
09:15 AM-09:45 AM Hall 1

Jin Su



Biography: Jin Su has his expertise in geochemical alternation in the hydrocarbon reservoirs and coupling relationship between geological events and biological evolution on the fossil energy mineralization during the past and modern earth system. He has built series of stimulation experiment to indicate the natural geochemical process and reported the redox mechanism of SO42- contaction pair in the deep dolomite strata. He was also interested in the biogeochemistry and soil, groundwater ecological remediation.

Bill Wason
09:45 AM-10:15 AM Hall 1

Bill Wason


Title: Keynote Lecture 1

Biography: Bill Wason has 25 years as senior executive in biofuel or feedstock companies including 4 years as President of Bio Clean Fuels, (built first large biodiesel plant in California), 3 years at Manzoil PLC (75 mgy Polish biodiesel plant), 3 years planning 1.2 mil. MT canola/camelina oil crush project in Saskatchewan, many years in Brazil on food/biofuel processing (aquaculture, macauba/fruit trees & agave) and presentation to airlines to build100 million gal/year renewable jet fuel plant using macauba oil and UOP technology. Recently Mr. Wason founded GCarbon USA for carbon neutral fuels, high sequestration tree planting, forest preservation and high efficiency food-fuel production and secured $30 million in capital. GCarbon is working with 2 indigenous tribes in Maranhao and 24 towns to develop sweet potato ethanol plants and hogs and high-tech protection systems for indigenous jungles, with native tree planting through FUNAI and a blockchain coin for carbon neutral products globally

10:15 AM-10:45 PM

Title: Keynote Lecture 3

04:10 PM-04:25 PM

Title: Refreshments & Ideas Fair


12:20 PM-12:40 PM

Title: Speaker Presentation 1

12:40 PM-01:00 PM

Title: Speaker Presentation 2