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Jul 18-19, 2022    London, UK
10th International Conference on

Dental Health and Dental Science

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LONGDOM Journals is an open access journals which publishes LONGDOM conference proceedings in a wide range of topics like Life sciences, Medical sciences, Health sciences, Microbiological sciences, Engineering, Technology, Business and Pharmaceutical sciences.

We provide access to the readers so that they easily go through the proceedings that are published in our journals and gain knowledge regarding new research works. These journals provide a platform to present their research works all over the world.

We welcome authors to publish their research articles and communications consolidated from scientific meetings in all research fields publishing proceedings of conferences across all scientific and clinical disciplines, including peer-reviewed full-length articles, collections of abstracts and meeting reports.


Conference Proceedings Journals

Journal of Research in Medical and Dental Science
Annals of Medical and Health Sciences Research
International Journal of Medical Research & Health Sciences
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