Dec 12-13, 2023    Paris, France
2nd International Conference on

Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases

Fariha Altaaf

Fariha Altaaf


Title: Seroprevalence of Bluetongue virus originating among camels from southern Punjab, Pakistan


Fariha Altaaf is a young researcher in the field of Microbiology belongs to Pakistan. I have a passion and learn new expertise in evaluation in improving health and wellbeing. She is very passionate and hardworking to create new pathways for improving healthcare. She have done this research and built this model after years of experience in microbiology research, evaluation, teaching, and administration both from hospital and education institutions. The methodology in this research includes competitive ELISA that illustrates, seroprevalence and association of risk factors. It allows for value-pluralism. This research along with this methodology reveals the presence of BT virus that is transmitted from one region to another and still transmitting.