November 19, 2021    Madrid, Spain
International Conference on

Adolescent Health and Medicine

We humbly invite all the participants from all over the globe to attend the "International Conference on Adolescent Health Medicine" with the theme “A qualitative study on adolescent, health and family”, during Sep 24-25, 2021 at Vienna, Austria Providing the right stage to present stimulating Keynote talks, plenary sessions, Discussion Panels, B2B Meetings, Poster symposia, Video Presentations, and Workshops.

Adolescent Health 2021 Sessions includes Nutrition and eating habits, Adolescent Medicines and Care,  Infectious Diseases in Children, Mental developments, Psychotic conditions, genetical problems, Health needs of adolescents, Peer Pressure, Adolescent Development & Stages, psychology problem and mental disorders associated with adolescents, Neuropsychiatric development of the brain, Youth development, Adolescence and adolescent health and Development, Adolescent Immunisation and immunology, Physical Development and physical disabilities, Social and family life of child and adolescents, Adolescent healthcare policy and practice, epidemiology and substance abuse.

Adolescent Health 2021 conference is a global platform to discuss and learn about aims to provide good health researchers, scientists, industrialists, policymakers, energy economists, and academicians to exchange and share their experiences and research results about all aspects of Adolescent Health

Meet the prominent specialists working in the unified territories of Adolescent Health source and Technology. This gathering will be the best stage to investigate your exploration work and advancements in the individual zones. This gathering is centered around all the real fields of Adolescent Health and Medicine

With individuals from around the globe concentrated on finding out about Adolescent Health, this is your single best chance to achieve the biggest collection of members from different networks, direct shows, appropriate data, meet with present and potential speakers, and get acknowledgment at this occasion. The sign of this meeting is our widely acclaimed speakers, the latest systems, most recent progressions refreshes in Adolescent Health and Adolescent Medicine.

Vienna is Austria's 3rd largest city with an area population of just under 3 million. It has the mildest climate (along with Vienna) in Austria. Unlike most Austrian cities, Vienna is divided into several self-governing municipalities. (Vienna city itself only has a population of about 565,000). The generic term for Vienna and its environs is the " Wien " or " Wean ".

Longdom proffers our immense pleasure and honor in extending you a warm invitation to attend Adolescent Health 2021.  It is focusing on ‘An Insider's View of Climate Science for a Sustainable Future’ to enhance and explore knowledge among science departments and to establish corporations and exchanging ideas. Providing the right stage to present stimulating Keynote talks, plenary sessions, discussion Panels, B2B meetings, Poster symposia, video presentations, and workshops.

 Who Can Attend?


  Research Institutes and Members

  Departments Head/Deans

  Manufacturing Companies

  Research Scholars 

  Directors of Companies and Organizations

  Graduates and Post Graduates 

  Biofuels Societies and Associations

  Biofuels and Bioenergy Group Members

  Government Officials and NGO’S


Mode of Participation

  Keynote Sessions

  Exhibitor Booth

  Oral Presentations

  Video Presentations

  Poster Presentations

  E-poster Presentation





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