May 12, 2022    London, UK

6th Webinar on

Pulmonology and Respiratory Medicine

Thiruppathi  Chockalingam

Thiruppathi Chockalingam

Northwestern University Medical School India

Title: Liberation from Mechanical ventilation


Liberation from Mechanical ventilation: Mechanical ventilation is associated with many complications which result in failure to wean the patient off from the ventilator. The objective of this presentation is to discuss the variables that are used to indicate readiness to wean the patient from mechanical ventilation, to discuss the use of protocols to wean patients from ventilatory support, to discuss the criteria used to indicate readiness for extubation, and to discuss the most common reasons why patients fail to wean from mechanical ventilation. 75% of mechanically ventilated patients are easy to be weaned off the ventilator with simple process 10-15% of patients require the use of a weaning protocol over a 24-72hours 5-10% require gradual weaning over longer time 1% of patients become chronically dependent on mechanical ventilation. The presentation includes a Structured Spontaneous Breathing Trial developed by a team member in 2015 at Hamad General Hospital, Doha, Qatar. The source of clinical practice guidelines was adapted from AARC (American Association of Respiratory care)


Thiruppathi chockalingam is a highly qualified respiratory therapy professional with more than 35 years of work experience. July 1987 to Jan 2021 worked as assistant director / respiratory therapy clinical specialist at Hamad medical corporation, Doha, Qatar. Currently working as a consultant at Ababil health care, Chennai, India. Registered respiratory therapist, national board for respiratory care, Kansas, USA. Master degree in science from Annamalai University, India