May 12, 2022    London, UK

6th Webinar on

Pulmonology and Respiratory Medicine

Kishore Kumar

Kishore Kumar

Symbiosis International University, India India

Title: Pulmonary Rehabilitation – The art of medical practice


Pulmonary rehabilitation (PR) is the “art of medical practice wherein an individually tailored, multidisciplinary program is formulated, which through accurate diagnosis, therapy, emotional support, and education stabilizes or reverses both the physio- and psychopathology of pulmonary diseases and attempts to return the patient to the highest possible functional capacity allowed by his or her pulmonary handicap and overall life situation.” The general goals of pulmonary rehabilitation are to control and alleviate symptoms, restore functional capabilities as much as possible, and improve quality of life. Pulmonary rehabilitation does not reverse or stop the progression of the disease, but it can improve a patient’s overall quality of life. Health care providers from various disciplines are needed to reach these goals. The success of PR will be judged by patient outcomes, including improved health related quality of life, reduced breathlessness, increased daily life activities.


Mr. Kishore Kumar has completed his Bachelors in Respiratory Therapy from Chettinad Academy and Masters from Symbiosis International University, India. Currently, he is a full-time Ph.D. researcher in Chettinad Academy of Research and Education and he is the board member of the Indian Academy of Respiratory Care, an academic wing of the Indian Association of Respiratory Care. He is a fellow of the International non-invasive ventilation academy. He is also working as a Respiratory therapist in CMR homecare and rehabilitation center.